To keep up with surging customer demand (and rivals like Amazon), Walmart has introduced a third way to get their products contact-free: Walmart Express Delivery.

Walmart has been testing the new two-hour delivery service at 100 stores since mid-April, and they just announced they’re expanding it to nearly 2,000 stores in the coming weeks.

Here’s what you need to know:


There’s no minimum order amount for Walmart Express Delivery

In their press release about the new two-hour service, Walmart says Express Delivery is perfect for shoppers who need “a last-minute ingredient, medicine when a fever hits, or the item you didn’t know you needed when checking off your chore list.”

By contrast, Walmart’s grocery delivery service requires a $30 minimum purchase.


But you’ll have to pay $10 per two-hour delivery order.

Whatever you’d pay for a Walmart delivery, you pay with Express Delivery — but add $10. Walmart hasn’t announced any kind of subscription service like Delivery Unlimited that would cut down on that price (although Delivery Unlimited subscribers would pay only $10 per Express order).



Customers will be able to order from more than 160,000 items.

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Whatever you can order with your regular Walmart delivery or pickup order, you can order with Express Delivery. That includes groceries, household products, toys, and electronics.

And the deliveries are made by Walmart’s existing team of 74,000 personal shoppers.


Express Delivery is accessible through the Walmart Grocery app/website.

At or in the Walmart app (iOS/Android), put in your zip code to see if Express Delivery is in your area. Then, add items to your cart like you would for any other grocery order, and then at checkout, select Express Delivery.

Within two hours, a driver will pick up the order from the store and drop it off. There’s no contact, no money exchanged between the driver and the customer.


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Walmart Introduces Two-Hour Express Delivery