That’s right guys, Amazon grocery delivery, aka Amazon Fresh, just got better. Not only does it mean you can have your groceries sent straight to your door, but now you don’t have to pay for shipping. Amazon grocery free delivery? Heck yes.

Here’s what you need to know:


Amazon grocery delivery is now free to Prime members.

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Starting Oct. 29, 2019, Prime members are able to get FREE grocery delivery from Amazon Fresh. This same service was an extra $14.99 a month for Prime members.


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Spend $35 or more to get free shipping.

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In order to get free grocery delivery, you must spend at least $35 on your order — or $50 if you live in New York City.

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One- to two-hour deliveries will be available in Amazon Fresh cities.

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Not only are they providing free shipping, but Amazon is also adding a quicker delivery speed in most Amazon Fresh cities. Shoppers will be able to order fast 1-2 hour delivery windows, which is much faster than the usual 3-4 hour window.

Request an invitation on Prime to start ordering groceries.

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For Prime members who have used Amazon Fresh already, the free shipping started Oct. 29. For those who have never ordered groceries through Amazon, an invitation must be requested on Amazon Fresh.

It might take a bit to get the invite, but you can start shopping as soon as you do!


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Find great deals exclusive to Amazon Fresh.

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For example, right now you can get BOGO free Halloween candy and 25 cent fun-size Skittle bags!

Manufacturer coupons won’t work as usual with Amazon, but you can check out their coupon page for sales and coupons. Add the item you want to buy to your cart, and the coupon will be shown automatically at checkout.

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Right now, Amazon Fresh locations are pretty minimal.

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As it picks up popularity, it will probably grow to more areas, but right now for those who have it, you’re lucky!

If Amazon Fresh isn’t available in your area, you might still be able to shop Whole Foods Market on Amazon and have groceries delivered.

According to Amazon, at least 2,000 cities have access to ordering groceries in some way through Amazon.


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It's Finally Here — Amazon Free Grocery Delivery!