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Starbucks is releasing reusable cups left and right this year, but I’m really excited about one that changes colors in the sun (sorcery!). If you want to jump on the cup craze (we see you, too, Owala) and make an environmental statement, now is the time to head to your local Starbucks. There you can grab a 5-pack of Starbucks color changing cups, with a price breakdown of $4.59 each. These are available at Starbucks in Target locations, as well as Starbucks locations.

These cups are literally built for summer, and the 5-pack costs $22.95. Unlike the Starbucks X Stanley tumbler, you can still get your hands on them (same with most Starbucks summer cups that released May 9). Straws are included and the color-changing effect is UV-responsive. This means the cups will change to a mystery color when exposed to the sun. If you’re thisclose to running out of room for your favorite cups (raises hand), declutter with these kitchen cabinet organization tips.

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Each 5-pack comes with five straws, cups, and lids – all for $22.95 ($4.59 each).

a person holding starbucks color changing cold cups

The box comes with five “mystery color-changing cups” so you can share the fun with your friends or have a variety of drinks at your fingertips. The lids and straws come in vibrant summer colors like hot pink and purple. The secure lid and straw ensure that you can enjoy your favorite cold beverages without worrying about spills or leaks. Having lids and straws are serious add-ons if you have kids or spill-prone. Pro tip: These are also super helpful if you’re like me and don’t like bugs near your drink.

At $22.95 for the 5-pack, each cup costs $4.59. By comparison, other Starbucks 24-ounce cups cost $22.95 each, so for this option, you get more drink for your buck.

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The Starbucks Color-Changing Reusable Cold Cups are sold inside of Starbucks stores.

starbucks color changing cold cups in a bin

These are available inside Target Starbucks locations and at Starbucks locations, but unfortunately not available online. In the fall, Starbucks released a 6-pack reusable hot cups set, so we’re hoping that these items will become staples each season.

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Each cup holds 24 ounces and is UV-activated.

a hand holding color changing cold cups in front of a coffee display

These single-wall, BPA-free plastic cups are only for cold beverages and aren’t microwavable (not that you’d do that with a cold drink). The 24-ounce size is a little bigger than a 20-ounce Venti cup, so it’s the perfect size for refills of your favorite beverage.

To see the color change in action, take it outside in direct sunlight. Picture it: you pour your drink into the cup, and bam. It starts changing colors right before your eyes. It’s like magic, but with a touch of science.


Get a Color Changing Confetti Starbucks Cup for $4.95.

Someone holding a Starbucks Summer cup inside a Starbucks

Alongside the 5-pack color changing cups, Starbucks has also released a color changing cup with a special color changing confetti around the cup. Instead of being activated by UV, these cups are heat sensitive, so when you put a cold beverage in the drink, the confetti changes to pink, purple, and orange.

Each cup sells for $4.95, and they come with a matching lid and straw.

Starbucks Color-Changing Reusable Cold Cups 5-pack Has Arrived — And Selling Out