I’m a jewelry lover. There, I admitted it. I haven’t gone over the edge to hoarding …yet. But I have built up quite an earring collection.  I have found that it is difficult to keep track of and organize my earrings, especially those chandelier styles that seem to get tangled, broken and sometimes lost! I needed a holder of some sort. I found this cute version at Amazon.com for $25, and another for nearly $55.

Now, I’m a Krazy Coupon Lady, so I need to be frugal and organized. I found a chic and cheap way to display my earring collection for about $3 each.

You Need:

  • A picture frame of any shape, size or color
  • Plastic canvas (available at any craft store)
  • Pen or marker
  • Scissors
  • Earrings!

Here’s a good option for 8 x 11 plastic canvas at Jo-Ann Fabric (2 sheets for $2.99). Find frames at yard sales and estate sales for less than $1. My local church carnival had a flea market that had a few wonderful frames for less than $1. Some frames may need a bit of TLC. Paint them fun colors to spice them up for kids or teens. If you want to buy new, here’s a simple contemporary 8 x 10 solid frame from Walmart for $6.41.

The Steps:

  1. Open the frame and remove the glass.
  2. Place the glass on the plastic canvas. It is easier to line up two sides, so you will only need to cut two sides.
  3. Trace the glass on the plastic canvas.
  4. Cut the plastic canvas to size and insert into the frame.
  5. Insert the glass behind the canvas and replace the backing.
  6. Hang on wall or use frame stand.
  7. Add earrings and enjoy!

This has been a guest post by Samantha from Pittsburgh, PA
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DIY: Picture Perfect Trick to Organize and Display Earrings