It seems like there’s a sale on deodorant every single week! Although I’m kind of ashamed to admit it, I have enough deodorant in my stockpile to last me the rest of my life (come on, most of it was a moneymaker or freebie)! Because my bathroom closet is overflowing with deodorant, I had to find some creative ways to use it. As always, use caution when applying products on your skin. Test a small patch of skin before you apply deodorant on anywhere other than your armpits. In addition, it's always best to use natural deodorant when possible so you know exactly what you’re putting on your body.

1. Freshen up your closet

Do you just love a particular scent of solid or gel deodorant? Leave an open stick of it on the top shelf (or somewhere in your closet) to keep your closet and clothes smelling fresh. Did you know that deodorant has even been used in China to keep their landfills smelling cleaner? No, really!

 2. Minimize your pores

Apply a thin layer of solid or gel deodorant onto your cheeks and nose. The aluminum-based complexes in deodorant can help fill in your pores and make them look smaller.

3. Reduce facial shine

Does your face glimmer like an oil slick halfway through the day? If so, rub a small amount of gel or solid deodorant onto your t-zone (the space between your eyebrows and down the bridge of your nose) before you apply your makeup. The deodorant can temporarily help reduce the production of oil on your face, which can help minimize shine and give you more of a matte look.

4. De-puff your eyes

If you wake up with puffy eyes every morning, you might want to apply a tiny bit of gel or solid deodorant under your eyes. The aluminum-based ingredients in deodorant can help reduce inflammation, which means they can keep your under-eye area looking smooth and flat. Use caution when applying deodorant beneath your eyes. Be sure not to get it inside your eyes—only apply deodorant to the skin below your eyes and not on your lower eyelid.

 5. Razor burn rescue

If you’re anything like me, your legs are a bumpy, irritated disaster after shaving. After drying off, spread solid or gel deodorant on your freshly shaved legs (and even the bikini zone). The deodorant can help soothe any inflammation and itchiness—plus it even helps my razor burn go away faster!

 6. Hair tamer

Does your hair tend to stick to the sides of your face, forehead and neck after your workout? No matter how much effort you put into styling your hair, any exposure to sweat and moisture can ruin even the prettiest updo. To prevent this, apply a thin layer of gel or solid deodorant to your forehead, neck and hairline after you style your hair. The deodorant will act as a barrier and help prevent a hair-sticking mess!

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