Each year, the month of September offers an opportunity for KCLs to renew their couponing vows. Why? Because September is National Coupon Month! If you’ve found that your couponing activities have fallen by the wayside a bit, now is a great time to renew your long-term commitment to couponing! If you’re new to couponing, September is also the perfect month to discover just how much you've already learned!

Each of us develops our own unique approach to couponing over time. It can be interesting to compare this to national averages. Here are some interesting stats to ponder!

  • Spending an average of 20 minutes per day on couponing saves the average household around $1,000 annually on groceries alone.
  • The average value of the typical coupon redeemed by shoppers is around $1.25.
  • Nearly 90% of all shoppers use coupons in some aspect of their routine shopping.
  • 97% of all shoppers use coupons at the grocery store.
  • The average couponing household saves 7% on each grocery bill (or between $5.60 and $9.20 per bill).

Here are some fun ways you can recommit to couponing as a savings (and earnings!) strategy during the month of September.

1. Download Joanie and Heather's new eBook, 10 Days to Become a Krazy Coupon Lady.

You won't even need 10 minutes per day to practice the super-focused strategies in this handy little tome—and in just 10 days you will have a) paid for the eBook, and b) begun saving even more!

2. Continue your couponing studies with Joanie and Heather's bestselling book, Pick Another Checkout Lane, Honey!

Once you've mastered the essentials by working through "10 Days," it’s time to take your new money-saving couponing strategies to the next level. Let our in-house couponing experts (and KCL co-founders) teach you how with Pick Another Checkout Lane, Honey!

3. Host a couponing party.

September is a great month to get to know other couponers in your local area. Once you have a "couponing circle" you can organize coupon swaps, keep an eye out for favorites (and have those in your circle return the favor), and make new friends.

  • What you need: A date, a time, a place, a stash of extra copies of the weekly coupon inserts (from the Sunday paper), a big bucket or basket (to place the coupons in), snacks (purchased with coupons, of course!), a pen and paper to capture names and email addresses, and perhaps a speaker who can present a short talk on "couponing basics" for newbies.
  • How to recruit guests: Ask in your current circle; post in your neighborhood bulletin board and at community centers; put up flyers at grocery stores, co-ops, schools, libraries, and other venues (be sure to ask permission first!); ask friends to put the word out to their friends as well.

4. Treat yourself to a shopping trip without the kids.

Who knew couponing could be so fun and easy?! One of the best ways to experience the full power of "the coupon" is to head to the store with the coupons and without the kiddos. No more quick-grab impulse buys…no more overlooking cashier errors because of growling kid tummies…no more deleted mobile coupons because your toddler got hold of your smartphone again.

  • What you need: A willing friend or partner to watch the kids; your stack of paper or eCoupons; a blissful, free hour to shop in peace!

5. Start wowing family and friends with your "coupon psychic" skills.

Did you know there’s a pattern to the seeming madness of when which coupons come out where and why? There is—and KCL has decoded it for you! September is the best month to begin cashing in and stocking up on extra savings using your "psychic" powers.

  • What you need: KCL's post on "How to Be a Coupon Psychic", any and all coupons featuring savings on September's sales cycle items.

6. Set a couponing goal…and write it down.

According to Forbes, the key to achieving your goals isn't setting them, but writing them down. There are various theories on why the simple act of putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) makes all the difference, but statistics contain proof that it works.

Here is what to do to turn your money-saving goal into a reality:

  • Write down exactly what you want: Is it to save 10% in groceries per month? To pay off debt? To stash cash in a rainy day fund? To buy a new car? Whatever you want—make it tangible in terms of the payoff (what you get out of achieving your goal)—then write it down or type it out.
  • Get out your calendar and set dates to check in with yourself: Business types call this "benchmarking," but we don't care what you call it. Just check in with yourself at least once per month to see how it's going.
  • Pick a couponing strategy you can actually see yourself using: Let Heather and Joanie's new "10 Days" eBook from step #1 help you—the choices are already outlined, so all you need to do is pick your favorite(s)! Don't stress yourself out—just pick at least one method to try for the next month.
  • Celebrate!: You may not hit your money-saving goals right off the bat (although maybe you will!). Whether you save a little or a lot, celebrate! Maybe let yourself spend the first savings as a reward (whatever motivates you—that's our motto here).
6 Reasons Why September Is a Great Month to Renew Your Couponing Vows