Best Buy Price Match


Does Best Buy price match? It's complicated.

The Best Buy Price Match Guarantee actually offers a fair deal to consumers as far as price matching policies go. But it can be difficult to navigate — especially when it comes to matching prices online or during sales like Black Friday. Is it even possible?

We've got all the answers you're looking for. But before we get into the details, make sure to download the KCL app to keep on top of all the latest Best Buy coupons and bargains.

Does Best Buy price match?

Yes, Best Buy will price match local retailers and a few online-only retail competitors. Best Buy won't just match their in-store prices; if the store has a presence online, Best Buy will match prices from their website, too.

To qualify for price matching, you must be purchasing an identical item, and Best Buy must have it in-stock at the time you're shopping. No rain checks.

How do I price match at Best Buy?

A person standing at a Best Buy checkout counter while an employee rings them up.

To price match at a Best Buy store, bring either the local competitor's current ad (a digital version on your phone is fine) or the competitor's website to the Customer Service desk before you check out.

Best Buy may call the competitor on the phone to verify the price. Once the product has been verified as an identical, in-stock item, your cashier will manually override the Best Buy price to match the competitor.

Does Best Buy price match online?

To price match while shopping on or via the Best Buy app, present your requests via online chat or by calling 1-888-237-8289.

From there, you'll tell the representative about the specific price match you want to make. They'll review and verify the price, and you'll receive an adjustment.

You can't submit price matching requests via email or in Best Buy retail stores.

Do Best Buy stores match prices on

Yes, Best Buy stores price match and all prices found on the Best Buy app.

Just pull up the website for Best Buy Customer Service to show the price discrepancy, and the team member will override the in-store price.

TIP: If you place an order online for store pickup and you find a better price in the store or at before pick up, Best Buy will match the lower price. You have to call 1-888-237-8289 to process the price match – they won't be able to do it in-store.

Does Best Buy price match Amazon?

Yes. Best Buy will price match Amazon as long as the item is sold and shipped by Amazon directly — that means no third-party sellers.

The Amazon product must match the Best Buy product's brand, model number, and color to qualify.

Does Best Buy price match Walmart?

Person carrying two TVs in Walmart

Yes, Best Buy price matches Walmart.

Does Best Buy price match Costco pricing?

Yes, Best Buy price matches Costco. They'll price match Sam's Club and BJ's, too. But there are special rules.

Best Buy will only match prices available to the general public. So if you want Best Buy to price match a sale that requires a Costco membership? They won't.

Let's say you have an offer that is technically available to everyone, but to view it on Costco's website you need a membership ID or a login. Best Buy will match these prices in-store only. You must present evidence of the store's live website to customer service staff to be eligible for the price match. Screenshots won't cut it.

Does Best Buy price match Target?

Yes, Best Buy price matches Target.

Best Buy and are some of the select retailers Target will price match, too. Plus, if you buy at Target with a RedCard, you'll get an additional 5% off your purchase in addition to the matched price.

Does Best Buy match Apple prices?

A woman looking at Apple laptops inside Best Buy.

Yes, Best Buy will price match Apple.

However, if you're looking at that sweet, get-free-Airpods-with-the-purchase-of-a-Macbook deal from Apple, Best Buy won't 'price match' that. The free Airpods are considered a promotional item, which falls under their exclusion list.

Does Apple price match Best Buy?

Kind of. Best Buy is one of the retailers Apple will price match. But they'll only price match up to 10% of the Apple list price.

That means that if Apple is selling the iPad Air for $599 and Best Buy has a sale, pricing the same product at $549, price matching would make sense. Ten percent of $599 is almost $60, which would put the lowest match at around $539. Because you're only asking Apple to price match to $549, they'd give it to you.

Let's say Best Buy has an even bigger sale, though. They're selling a 13" MacBook Pro for $1,099.99 when Apple has it listed for $1,299.00. Apple will only give you 10% – or $129.90 – off. But the price difference is about $200. In this case, you'd be better off shopping at Best Buy rather than trying to score the partial price match at Apple.

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Does Best Buy price match online retailers?

There are only a couple of online-only retailers Best Buy will price match:

  • Amazon.

  • Crutchfield.

Bear in mind that price matching only applies to new products, and that they must be identical models and colors sold directly by the online retailer. Purchases from third-party sellers don't count.

Does Best Buy price match other stores after purchase?

Yes, you're covered by the Best Buy price match policy for 15 days after your purchase.

So if you buy a $399 tablet at Best Buy and then you see that same tablet at Walmart for $50 cheaper, Best Buy will refund you the difference if you're within 15 days (it's the same as their normal return and exchange window).

As long as you have your receipt, you can claim the lower price.

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Which items are excluded from the Best Buy price match policy?

Lines of people buying TVs during Best Buy Black Friday

There are a number of exclusions to the Best Buy price match policy. You cannot price match:

  • Used or refurbished products.

  • Open-box items.

  • Rentals or leases.

  • Trade-in offers.

  • Best Buy Education or Best Buy for Business transactions.

  • Contract cell phones.

  • Free promotional items with purchase.

  • Pre-order offers.

  • Services, like delivery or installation.

  • Liquidation offers.

  • Financing offers.

  • Bundle pricing.

  • Subscription services.

  • Clearance items.

  • Gift card offers or other cards activated at point of sale.

Best Buy also won't match special sales, like Prime Day.

That also includes Black Friday pricing. And Best Buy creates a huge buffer around the shopping holiday. You won't be able to price match at Best Buy from the Friday before Thanksgiving through the Monday after Thanksgiving (also known as Cyber Monday.)

How long does Best Buy give you to price match?

You can only price match within 15 days of your purchase.

If Best Buy themselves drops the price, you also have 15 days to claim a price adjustment.

What is the Best Buy price adjustment policy?

If you've bought something at Best Buy, and then they drop the price of that item within the return and exchange period — 15 days for most items — Best Buy will match the lower price.

You'll want to set up a Capital One Shopping account before you shop. Capital One will give you notifications in case Best Buy drops the price on an item you've purchased, and will help you get paid the difference.

Does Best Buy match competitors' coupons?

No, Best Buy will not price match competitors' coupons.

In fact, when it comes to coupons, Best Buy won't accept even one of their own coupons on top of a price match. You have to pick just one: Price match or coupon.