If I could add 30 minutes to my busy day by getting my home more organized, I would be all for it. It seems like I’m constantly putting up, taking down, moving around and throwing away stuff—all in an effort to restore sanity to the chaotic home of three children, one husband and three dogs! Plus, on a strict budget, I’m limited to how much I can spend to get organized, so that means I have to get creative on a tight budget while pretending to be Martha Stewart! Check out these 10 cheap organizational hacks to bring order to the clutter in your home.

1. Use command hooks to keep your trash bags in place

I love simple, common-sense tips that simplify my life. Anchoring the ever mobile trash bag is a lifesaver in my kitchen.

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2. Store your hair dryer and curling iron in PVC pipe

My bathroom looks like a tornado went through it every morning. Contain the chaos by storing your hair styling tools in a DIY PVC pipe holder. Coordinate the color scheme with your bathroom to allow the pipe to blend in to the décor.

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3. Label electronic device wires with bread tags

I’m the most limber in my household, so I’m always the one stretching to reach a specific cord or crawling under the desk trying to find the phone jack. Since we have a colossal amount of electronic equipment, using bread tags to label each cord is a much easier way of determining what goes where! Write on the tag with a sharpie and you’ll know which cord to reach for next time.


4. Organize pencils and pens using Crystal Light containers

My husband drinks a lot of lemonade, so these containers are piling up at my house. Since they’re see-through and have a lid, they should be repurposed! Store fingernail files, Q-tips, pencils, or manicure supplies in this sturdy container.

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5. Plastic bag dispensers

Since I’m a stickler for keeping my kitchen sparkling, I have many cans of disinfectant wipes in my stockpile. As I empty one, I rinse it out and allow it to air dry. Then I can decorate it with scrapbook paper or Washi tape and start storing those Walmart bags in out-of-the-way places!

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6. Store extension cords in a toilet paper tube

A big family can go through lots of toilet paper every week. Save the toilet paper tubes for a handy project like storing those 10-foot extension cords.

7. Organize container lids with CD racks

Between Tupperware, and every other plastic container I own, I constantly have lids falling everywhere when I open a drawer. Now enters the CD rack for organizing these errant lids—place the CD rack in the drawer and line the lids up perfectly.

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8. Cleaning supplies in a hanging shoe organizer

Inside my linen closet is the perfect place to hang a shoe organizer and store my handy cleaning supplies. No more looking under cabinets for hidden chemicals! Now I can see my inventory in one visual sweep and know what I need to stockpile and even see what I really don’t use!

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9. Plastic/Aluminum wraps inside the kitchen cabinet

Instead of taking up valuable drawer space, store your plastic and aluminum wraps out of sight in a magazine rack bolted to the inside kitchen cabinet.

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10. Store the kids footballs, basketballs and soccer balls in a laundry bag

An organization method for the kids outdoor toys makes me a happy mom. Grab a cotton or mesh laundry bag and store all those bouncing balls in one place!

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10 Organizational Hacks to Control Your Household Clutter