I have to admit I’m not a pickle fan. I use them to make potato salad and deviled eggs, but that’s about it. On the other hand, my husband is a pickle fanatic. Our refrigerator holds a variety of different kinds of pickles, and I’m always on the hunt for a coupon so I can combine it with a sale. I hate to admit it, but I may buy 12 jars at a time.

One day, I caught him drinking the pickle juice from the jar when he had a sore throat. Of course, the first thing I did was a google search to check for any scientific data that pickle juice will actually help a sore throat. As it turns out, pickle juice has a variety of different uses. Here are 12 alternative ways to put that extra pickle juice left in the jar to good use!

1. Clean your grill weekly

You can buy fancy grill-cleaning products, but coupons for grill cleaners are few and far between. Instead, use your leftover pickle juice to get off those baked-on juices and food particles left on your grill. Any residual vinegar flavor will be evaporated when the grill heats up!

2. Exfoliate your face

I’m no Cleopatra, but if I can get an even complexion from pickle juice, I’m willing to try it. Use the pickle juice mixed with a small amount of avocado, and create your own special exfoliant for a beautiful and even skin tone.

3. Add to BBQ sauce

To give your boring BBQ sauce a boost, add about one teaspoon of pickle juice to every two tablespoons of BBQ sauce for an added pickled flavor. This is especially good on pork!

4. Polish your flatware

I used to dry my flatware as soon as I washed it, but now I’m just too busy and I let it air dry. Unfortunately, this sometimes leaves water spots and tarnish. Pickle juice is a natural polisher and will help remove the tarnish and bring shine back to your silverware!

5. Marinate and tenderize meat

We love to grill, and pickle juice contains acid which is a natural tenderizer. Use it to marinate your meats either by simply brushing it on as the meat is grilling, or you can place the pickle juice and meat in a bag and let it marinate for one hour. Make your own seasoning by adding spices, garlic and mustard to your pickle juice to make the perfect marinade/tenderizer.

6. Recycle to pickle more edibles

You can add pickling cucumbers, carrots, the whites of a watermelon rind, beets and red onions to your pickle juice to make a few more edible healthy snacks! Let sit for several days prior to eating!

7. Add hard boiled eggs to the jar

If deviled eggs are too much work, try pickled eggs! Just boil your eggs, let them cool, and drop into the pickle juice for 48 hours. Then, peel and eat!

8. Electrolyte replacement

My young boys love exercising. I buy Gatorade and Powerade whenever they’re on sale, but pickle juice can perform the same function. Because of the high sodium content, pickle juice can replenish electrolytes lost in a workout!

9. Boost potato flavor

If you like the vinegar taste, soak your potato in pickle juice for 24 hours prior to cooking. The pickle juice will also add the needed salt flavor instead of adding tons of extra salt later.

10. Use as a weed killer

Pickling juice contains vinegar, which also contains acetic acid. This makes it a great all-natural weed-killer (just avoid putting it on the plants you want to keep).

11. Laxative

Because of its salt content, pickle juice is also a natural laxative. Start with 1 teaspoonful, and advance as needed. Start out sparingly to prevent any accidents!

12 Make potato chip dip

Pickle juice added to cream cheese makes a quick dip for potato chips if unexpected company arrives. This trick saves you a trip to the grocery store and the cost of buying expensive ready-made dip.

12 Alternative Uses for Your Extra Pickle Juice