I love the look of my stainless steel pots, pans and small appliances but hate how tough they can be to clean. My cookie sheets and pots always seem to get covered with rust, and my coffee maker and toaster are always covered in some kind of gunky buildup that I never seem to have enough patience to get completely scrubbed off. I hate using chemical-laden cleaners, so thankfully, I found a natural alternative sitting in my spice cabinet—cream of tartar! You know, that stuff you bought years ago for that one recipe and never used again? Turns out it’s a great household cleaner! Just take a few tablespoons of cream of tartar and add a few drops of water (enough to make a paste). Scrub your pot or coffeemaker with the paste and a soft brush, and watch that rust and gunk disappear!

Remove Stubborn Rust and Buildup from Stainless Steel with Cream of Tartar!