Like any KCL, I have a stockpile that I am pretty darn proud of. I sometimes show my stockpile off to family and friends like a proud momma shows off pictures of her little sweet pea. But I like to not only make my extreme couponing skills work for my family, but also for others. I feel that couponing has been such a blessing to me and my family, and I like to share that blessing with others, while also trying to convert others to the wonderful world of couponing!

Over the years I have come up with some different ways to utilize my stockpile so that it’s not only benefiting me and my family, but it’s also benefiting others around me as well. I hope that these ideas get your wheels turning on how to better spread the coupon love via your stockpile!

1. Make Christmas gift baskets

All of the free shampoos, body washes and toothpaste that you have been accumulating during the year can make great Christmas baskets for family and friends. I love giving and getting functional gifts, and who doesn't like a basket full of high-end beauty products?

2. Donate to your local food bank

Stockpiles are like cars: they’re great to have but take maintenance to keep them in tip-top shape. By “maintaining” your stockpile, I mean watching those expiration dates. It’s good to take time out every so often to rotate and check your stockpile. If you see that some of the items are getting close to their expiration date, then make a donation to your local food bank to make sure that the items don't get wasted if you can’t use them fast enough.

3. Anonymous pay-it-forward

One of my neighbors was going through a tough time financially last year, so I made a food and goodie basket and left it on her front door with a note saying that she and her family were being thought of. The following week she told me how touched she was to receive such a blessing from her anonymous angel!

4. Create a raffle basket

You can create a spa basket from some of your hygiene stockpile (or another type of themed basket) and donate it to a raffle to raise money for a good cause.

5. Donate to make holiday food baskets

My church makes Thanksgiving and Christmas food baskets every year for low income families in my area, so I donate some of my non-perishables from my stockpile to help make the baskets.

6. Host a spa party

Do you have a teen daughter, granddaughter or niece? Why not have a spa and makeup party for her birthday with all of the free beauty products you have been accumulating over the year! After the party, the girls can take the products they used home with them. A great way to put all of your free CoverGirl and Almay products to great use!

7. Donate to a children's hospital or shelter

Do you have an overabundance of free school supplies, Crayola products, etc.? Consider donating some of your extra items to a children's hospital or shelter. These items will provide things for the children to do to occupy their time while they’re staying at the hospital or shelter, and your kindness will also help to put a smile on their faces!

8. Donate to an animal shelter

With all the animal food coupons, I always seem to get free dog and cat food. Since I don't have any cats and my dogs have to eat special food due to a protein allergy, I like to donate all of my free animal food to other animal lovers or to local animal shelters.

9. Donate to the Red Cross

The Red Cross accepts donations, especially when natural disasters hit areas around the country. In my neighborhood, there are even drop-off areas where people collect nonperishable items and personally haul it all to the areas that are in need, such as areas hit by tornadoes, hurricanes, etc. This is a great time to really use your stockpile to help others in their time of need!

10. Donate to the Military

You can check in your local area if there are places that you can drop off items to be sent to the military and even their families. There are always different programs all year long of things that the military is in need of.


This is a guest post by Kristy from Thibodaux, LA.


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10 Different Ways to Utilize Your Stockpile for Others