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1. Newspaper inserts vary by district, city, and region.

5 Things Couponers Should Know About Regional Coupons

A lot of new couponers wonder why the coupons they receive in their Sunday newspaper inserts sometimes differ from what we show on the Krazy Coupon Lady. Well, the answer’s this:

Coupon inserts from the Sunday newspaper vary across the country—and even across different districts in the same city. It all depends on the newspaper you get. Say Boston has two newspapers. Each one will have different coupons, different values, and different numbers of coupons.

You may have different value coupons than what we post on the site. For instance, couponers in Idaho could get a $1.00/2 coupon, while couponers in Florida might only get a $0.25/1 coupon. And couponers in New York may not receive a coupon at all!

Don’t fret, though. We’ll show you how to get around this in the coming tips.


2. Coupon differ by region because of manufacturer budgets and marketing strategies.

5 Things You Should Know About Regional Coupon Differences

There are four main reasons why regional coupon variations exist:

  1. Budget: Some companies can’t afford to reach all areas, so they pick out certain regions to target with the budget they have.
  2. Newspaper Circulation: The larger the newspaper, the better the coupons. Manufacturers use coupons to advertise their products, so if a company wants to reach more people, they’ll put their coupons in a larger newspaper that has a better distribution.
  3. Geography: Food costs vary depending on where you live. Because of the high costs of products in places like California, the coupons in these areas will typically be higher than those in other regions.
  4. Market Research: Manufacturers use coupons as a marketing tool to promote their products. Some companies may target certain regions more than others, resulting in more coupons for specific products in those target areas.


3. Buy or subscribe to the biggest newspaper in your area to get the best coupons.

5 Things You Should Know About Regional Coupon Differences

Get the biggest and best newspaper you can get your hands on. Get creative in your search by finding new publications at bookstores, gas stations, grocery stores, and other local hot spots that tend to carry the newspapers. And check out these 11 Ways to Get Free Sunday Newspaper Coupons.

Or, subscribe to the biggest newspaper publication in your region. We suggest you subscribe or purchase more than one copy of the Sunday newspaper to get multiples of each coupon. You should have one copy of the Sunday paper for each member of your family, or four copies total, whichever is less. Read A Comprehensive Guide to Sunday Newspaper Coupons for more tips.

You can also order newspaper inserts from a clipping service like Klip2Save. Remember, buying and selling coupons is illegal, but paying to get coupons clipped, isn’t. Be sure that you order the inserts from the Sunday paper and not a mid-week insert, so that you get the most for your money. If you see the words “advertising supplement” on the spine of the insert, it’s probably a mid-week insert. Also, check what coupons are in the insert you’re buying so that you know if they’re better than what you can receive locally.

BONUS: If you live in an area with a large Hispanic population, check out the Spanish newspapers. They often have coupons with different values and for different products.



4. Or, print your own free coupons to get around regional differences.

5 Things You Should Know About Regional Coupon Differences

Use the KCL coupon database to look for similar printable coupons. Although the coupon may not be the same value as the regional coupon you want, it could be close to the same amount! Plus, when you print free coupons from Coupons.com, you’re allowed to print two of the same coupon per device! Coupons.com also has regional coupons now; the site uses your IP address to determine available offers.


5. Swap coupons and inserts with friends and family.

5 Things You Should Know About Regional Coupon Differences

Swap coupons or have whole inserts mailed to you by friends, family, and fellow couponers who live in different areas. There may be some coupons you don’t need that they would love to have and vice versa. There’s typically no cost to you but the stamp to ship!

Just remember to check the fine print to ensure there aren’t regional-use restrictions before swapping coupons. Some coupons will state they can only be used in the area they were distributed in.


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5 Things You Should Know About Regional Coupon Differences