When I first joined the Krazy Coupon Lady community, certain concepts and strategies were already familiar. For example, I understood how to clip coupons, organize my shopping trips, and track my savings. But I kept coming across references to "unadvertised deals," and I will admit I had no idea what it meant. After all, how can you find out about a deal if it isn't advertised?

Here is the lowdown on where to look to find unadvertised deals, sales, and savings!

What are unadvertised deals?

Here, the word "unadvertised" means the deal is only advertised to customers who are already shopping in that store.

For example, my local Kroger doesn't typically advertise each item packed into its large array of clearance bins. But once I'm in Kroger to shop, I can go to those bins to score extra savings.

Another example is an item that was marked down in between printings for the weekly store sales flyers. So perhaps the deal didn't make it into the flyer, but once in the store, you will see a shelf tag marking the item as discounted.

How to find them

1. Tips from friends

Perhaps the all-time best way to find unadvertised deals is through a friend who shops at the same stores you like.

Whether the tip is dropped unintentionally in casual conversation or you and a few friends deliberately set up a tip network to alert each other to unadvertised hot deals, getting a tip like this is like hearing breaking news before CNN gets it!

  • What to do: Reach out to a friend or few to organize a "tip line" that sends out a group text to fellow moms when diapers suddenly go on special and distributes other hot alerts!
  • BONUS: Watch KCL's Brags page—and post your own unadvertised finds to help other KCLs save more!

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2. KCL's "Deals” page

Of course, you know that KCL has a comprehensive coupons database you can access anytime. But for those deals that we only find out about through reader tips or our own in-store sleuthing, we have the KCL Deals database as well.

  • What to do: Visit KCL's Deals page daily (or even more often)—or sign up for the email list to get them delivered into your inbox!

3. Watch social media like a hawk

If a store or brand decides to launch a last-minute promotion or sale, it probably won't be advertised except in the stores…and on social media. Twitter and Facebook are probably still the biggest social media sites used by companies and brands to advertise breaking deals, but stores are increasingly using Instagram, Pinterest, and their own store/brand blogs as well!

  • What to do: Like, follow, or pin to your favorite brands/companies/stores social media sites and sign up for RSS blog notifications to ensure you don't miss out on breaking deals.

Note: The key here is to pick your favorites only—otherwise, you may get overwhelmed with notices. Also, it can help to designate one particular email just to sign up for social media, RSS feeds, and sales, or to use a free email organization tool like Unroll.me to keep email alerts manageable.

4. Use price comparison apps to find unadvertised deals

Price comparison apps have one job to do: to scan across retailers carrying the same product and tell you which retailer has the best deal. So often these apps can catch unadvertised "breaking news" deals before any other network will.

  • What to do: This great KCL post will introduce you to 9 price comparison apps to help you out with sleuthing unadvertised deals.

5. Walk the store aisles

This may not sound enticing but is often the best way to find deals that are only advertised with those small store discount tags.

  • What to do: If you are pressed for time (or don't want to expose yourself to temptation unnecessarily) just walk the aisles where you need to pick up items on your grocery list. If you happen to see any store-only deals while you’re in the aisle, even better!

6. Ask store personnel about unadvertised deals & competitor coupons

Finally, a great strategy for finding unadvertised deals (especially if you are crunched for time) is to simply ask when you enter the store. If you have a specific item you want to find on sale, be sure to ask. Also, if your local store matches competitors' advertised coupons and sales, you can use this policy to nab an "unadvertised deal!"

  • What to do: Befriend a regular employee at your favorite local haunts, and also keep tabs on competitors' sales and coupons so you can get deals without having to drive all over town!
6 Easy Ways to Find Unadvertised Deals, Sales and Savings