Ten years ago if you wanted a coupon, you had to bloody go find it yourself. But in the last decade, many companies have made a killing by catering to busy people who want to save money. Today, young millennial consumers are driving an increased demand and expectation for websites and apps to do more for them, while requiring even less effort.

In response to its users' complaints that hunting down deals from multiple sites can take too much time, RetailMeNot launched Deal Squad in February 2016 to seize an opportunity to make shopping even more convenient. Deal Squad agents act as free personal shoppers, finding savings on literally anything you want to buy.



How do I use Deal Squad?

When you know what you want to buy, just copy and paste the URL and send it to Deal Squad. They'll take a second, okay maybe two, to confirm the product details and get your email. Next, a Deal Squad agent goes to work finding you a better deal. Once they've got it (average response is around 2 hours), the agent will deliver the email to your inbox. It's that easy!


How much will I save?

Eight out of 10 people are getting better deals with an average savings of 20% on top items like TVs, Nest thermostats, Dyson vacuums, even boats and trips! One user even requested a deal on a car manual, and Deal Squad agents found it for free!

I tested the service by challenging Deal Squad with an already discounted KitchenAid mixer from Amazon. I was thrilled when, within 5 minutes, my DealSquad agent had found a $30 mail-in rebate!


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Who's behind Deal Squad?

Deal Squad is largely staffed by long-time deal-finding community members (yes, humans!) with years of experience scouring the web for deals and over 4 million dollars in cumulative savings. Deal Squad agents check over 100 websites, blogs, forums, social media sites, and retailer newsletters to find you coupons, rebates and friggin amazing deals.


What's the catch?

Once your deal is delivered, there's zero obligation to buy (like, not even an obnoxious email follow-up from the Deal Squad agent). The service is able to remain free because when shoppers do make that purchase, RetailMeNot usually gets a commission on the sale.


So there you have it. The uberization of the modern world has reached couponing. If you’ve ever felt like you don’t have time to find online deals, (and have ever done the math to ascertain whether you could afford to pay a part-time assistant to do your couponing and still come out ahead), this is for you.



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Deal Squad by RetailMeNot: On-Demand Deal Hunting Has Arrived.