When does a stockpile become clutter? I recently had to answer this question when my husband called me a “hoarder.” Or maybe he said I had hoarding tendencies? Either way, I took this to heart when I realized my stockpile was overtaking my house and I had not “pruned” it to stay within the boundaries of my needs. I had to address the current status of my stockpile and determine where I had lost my way in the wonderful world of coupons.

There are four points I identified that helped me reduce my clutter to an acceptable, controlled stockpile.

Sign #3 of an out-of-control stockpile: Lack of accountability

If you are reading this, you are probably the shopper of the family. Therefore, that makes you accountable for how the stockpile is organized and added to. Accepting responsibility for the “clutter” makes you in charge of getting a handle on it. I love a great deal, but when I lose control of the number of items I need versus the number of items I have coupons for, then I am forgetting the whole purpose of couponing. For example, when my husband said I was a hoarder, I took that seriously. I think he was just saying it in jest, but to him maybe the stockpile really was out of control. I look at my stockpile as an achievement, while he sees it for what it is—a stockpile of household items.

Ask yourself these questions to determine if you stockpile with a lack of accountability:

1. Do I shop for the exhilaration of the deal?
2. Did I decide what to buy for the week without checking my stockpile first?
3. Am I purchasing excessive amounts of items without first making sure my budget allows for it?
4. Have I stockpiled excessively while neglecting other financial goals I have set?
5. Does overspending get my attention or am I making excuses for my excessive stockpile?

If you answered “yes” to these questions, you may want to start rethinking how you manage your stockpile. Stay tuned for more signs of an out-of-control stockpile and learn what you can do to reign it in!

This is a guest post by Tammy from Saint Pauls, NC

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