Carving pumpkins is a love-it-or-hate-it kind of activity.

But guess what? You can have it all — festive pumpkins and a family tradition — without the slimy pumpkin goo.

Most of these ideas can be done with real or faux pumpkins. Just paint a matte finish on your real pumpkin if you suspect items won’t stick.


1. Spider Web Pumpkin

Use carpet tacks to make a circle on the front of your pumpkin and then wrap white yarn all around it.

Just add spiders!


2. Donut Pumpkin

Choose a frosting color (pink!) and paint the top. Then use a thin paintbrush to create colored sprinkles — or even better, glue real sprinkles to the top!


3. Mickey Mouse Pumpkin

You just need a full-size pumpkin, two mini pumpkins, and black acrylic paint (or a sharpie) for this one. Attach with shish kebab skewers. Super easy.


4. Ribboned Pumpkin

To make this even simpler, start at the top near the stem with your ribbon. Use a hot glue gun to attach the ribbons to the creases of the pumpkin and secure at the bottom.



5. Jack Skellington Pumpkin

Use a pattern to create a Jack Skellington face on your pumpkins.


6. Studded Chalk Paint Pumpkins

Buy spikes from Amazon and add them to a painted pumpkin for an edgy look.


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7. Temporary Tattoo Pumpkin

Just be sure to paint your pumpkin with a matte finish before you apply the temporary tattoo if you’re using a real pumpkin. Otherwise, use a faux pumpkin.


8. Glow-in-the-Dark Pumpkin

Glow-in-the-dark fabric paint is the star of this show.


9. Nail Polish Dipped Pumpkin

Choose your colors, add them to a big bowl of water, swirl the colors and dip. (Wear protective gloves unless you want your fingers covered in nail polish.)


10. Bejeweled Pumpkin

Alternatively, paint your real pumpkin a matte white and decorate with colorful jewel stickers.


11. Glitter Pumpkin

Spray adhesive + glitter. Couldn’t be easier.



12. Mummy Pumpkin

The secret to making this one work is really drenching the fabric before you apply it to the pumpkin.


13. Nailhead Trim Pumpkin

Use masking tape to create straight lines if you need them!


14. Confetti Dot Pumpkin

This one is a cousin to the nailhead trim pumpkin. But it’s more colorful and random.


15. Herringbone Pumpkin

Use a copper pen to draw herringbone lines, following the natural curve of the pumpkin.


16. Crayon-Dripped Pumpkin

It’s true that a hair dryer can melt crayons. Why not send them streaking down a pumpkin?


17. Stranger Things Pumpkin

Nothing says Halloween like Stranger Things.


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18. Dried Floral Pumpkin

Pick your color scheme for the flowers and have at it.


19. Lace Pumpkin

Basically, wrap a pumpkin in lace. I vote for black lace because white lace doesn’t exactly say “creepy.”



20. Dripped-in-Paint Pumpkin

Use milk paint to drip colors freestyle all over a white pumpkin.


21. Washi Tape Pumpkin

Do this one similar to the ribbon pumpkin, starting at the top, or cover the whole thing in Washi tape.


22. Emoji Pumpkin

All the heart eyes.


23. Chevron Pumpkin

Spray paint and painter’s tape. It almost sounds poetic.


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