Toys. When you have kids, it’s a part of your life, and oftentimes toys can be found everywhere scattered throughout the house and car. It can be a struggle keeping them in order, but here are 15 clever solutions that won’t cost you a fortune to stay organized.


1. Reuse baby wipes containers to store crayons and markers.


2. Organize Barbie dolls in a shoe holder.


3. Put bath toys in hanging tiered fruit baskets.



4. Keep road-trip entertainment within arm’s reach by filling a suctioned shower caddy with toys and games.


5. Throw LEGO bricks into old food containers.

This old corn starch container makes for a fun storage unit.


6. Hang baskets to store stuffed animals.


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7. Transform pencil cases into puzzle holders.

You can buy these in different colors at Dollar Tree.


8. Convert IKEA spice racks into bookshelves.



9. Create a backseat toy holder with a shoe organizer.


10. Turn plastic bins into the ultimate toy organizer.


11. Repurpose buckets into cute outdoor toy storage.

Add labels for easy cleanup.


12. Save space by putting toys in hanging mesh bags.

Via Ebay


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13. Reuse old deli meat containers for art supplies.


14. Use an old drawer to store toys under the bed.


15. Paint a tire and make it a toy storage bin.

Via Etsy


16. Turn an old suitcase into a new home for dolls.


17. Use a magnetic strip to keep toy cars organized.



18. Turn an old lunchbox into a travel-friendly LEGO carrying case.


19. Get organized at bath time with a tension rod.

A tension rod can go a long way. Throw in some plastic hooks and baskets from Dollar Tree and make bath time fun time.


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19 Clever Ways to Organize Toys