The Winter Olympics only come around every four years, and for many it’s a big deal. It can be a meaningful experience for everyone, especially kids. From learning about different countries and cultures to witnessing some of the best athletes in the world face huge wins and heartbreaking losses. Here are 19 ways to celebrate the Winter Olympics with your friends and family.


1. Host an opening ceremonies party with foods from around the world.

Have a potluck where your guests sign up to bring a dish from another country. This is a great way for people to show off old family recipes or try new ones.


2. Keep track of how many gold medals each nation wins.

Get a free printable schedule here so you don’t miss any games!


3. Create an Olympic torch using paper towel rolls and tissue paper.

Wrap a paper towel tube with silver tissue paper or foil, and then tape a combination of red, orange, and yellow tissue paper (cut into teardrop shapes) inside the roll for the flames. Follow these instructions for step-by-step directions.



4. Set up relay races with obstacles along the way.

Have kids and adults run relay races around the yard or house, passing off a baton to the next runner. If you don’t have a baton, use a paper towel tube or even a banana. Throw in obstacles like jumping over pillows.

Or, use a broom and ball and have kids compete in an indoor “curling” match. Having a pretend ice skating competition is a blast too!


5. Make your own Olympic medals.

Make medals like a champ by cutting circles from cardboard (try tracing anything circular, like the bottom of a small cup). Make a slit for a ribbon to go through, and paint each medal gold, silver, or bronze. Get the full instructions here.


6. Bake Olympic cookies shaped like rings.

All you need is a tube of refrigerated sugar cookies, vanilla frosting, and black, red, yellow, green and blue sprinkles. These directions show how easy these are to make.


7. Create a banner of flags from around the world.

Let your kids pick their favorite countries. Fold a piece of paper and color a country’s flag on one side while writing the country’s name on the other. Hang the countries from a string or ribbon. This project is a great way to teach kids about geography, too.



8. Design handprinted patriotic shirts with the kids.


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9. Create an American flag made out of construction paper.

Cut construction paper crosswise into 1-inch strips. You’ll need 36 red strips, 25 white strips, and 16 blue strips. Link and piece together the chains with staples, then hang your flag on a wall or on your front door. Follow these directions for full details.


10. Create the Olympic rings with paper plates.

Color the edges of each plate in a different Olympic color: blue, black, red, yellow, and green. Cut out the middle and make a slit in each plate, then link together. An easier option is to glue or tape the plates together.


11. Buy a variety of beers representing different countries.

12. Shield your kids’ hands from celebratory sparkler burns with a plastic cup.

This is a great way to safely celebrate your country’s win.


13. Serve up a pizza using different toppings for the Olympic rings.

Foods like black olives, red pepperoni, yellow pineapple, green avocado or peppers, and blue cheese make for tasty options.


14. Make a mix tape from the country hosting the Olympics.

K-Pop, anyone?


15. Use paper cups and balloons to make Olympic pom pom shooters.

Get started with small plastic cups, balloons, and pom poms or marshmallows, and follow these instructions.


16. Use marking paint to spray patriotic stars on the lawn.

Use construction marking paint, which is water based and intended for grass. Try this at the start of the Olympics so it can last for most of the games.



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16 Fun Ways to Celebrate the 2018 Winter Olympics