1. Brush on paint with flowers.

Daisies, mums, and carnations create interesting patterns and shapes when dipped in acrylic paint. Try asking a local florist for wilting flowers, most are happy to give them to you for free if they know they’re being used for educational purposes.


2. Throw eggs filled with color.

Drain a dozen eggs by using a push pin to make several small holes on top of each egg. Once you’ve made enough push-pin holes, you should be able to easily break away a portion of an egg. Create a large enough hole to pour paint through, then watch your kids have fun creating modern masterpieces!

3. Blow tinted bubbles.

Use 1/2 cup dishwashing detergent, 4 1/2 cups water, 4 tablespoons glycerin, and enough food coloring to saturate the liquid in rich color. Let the solution sit overnight. In order for the bubble “painting” to be successful, use a pad of paint paper (regular paper doesn’t have enough texture or tooth). When blowing bubbles, it’s best to blow close to the paper—this will allow most of the bubbles to land on the paper without popping immediately. The longer a bubble sits on the paper before it pops, the more prominent the shape of the bubble will be.

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4. Paint the sidewalk.

Slowly pour 1/4 cup cold water into 1/4 cup cornstarch. Use a whisk to incorporate the ingredients and add food coloring to create the sidewalk paint. Foam brushes or large paint brushes work great for painting designs.


5. Decorate rocks.

Acrylic paint works best because it’s thick and comes in beautiful, bright colors that stick to rocks. This kind of paint won’t come out of clothing or off the surface of things very easily, however, so be sure to clean surfaces off immediately if paint gets on them.


6. Use balloons as brushes.

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