My family loves anything that involves the outdoors or nature. Which explains why we spend our summer at Bass Pro Shops’ Family Summer Camp! Bass Pro Shops’ Family Summer Camp is a free event chock-full of fun activities, workshops and games that teach families the skills needed to tackle tons of outdoor summer adventures.

When camp starts

The Bass Pro Shops Family Summer Camp starts on June 7 and runs through July 13th. The workshops and events, which are typically held by experts, are conducted every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. You can pick and choose what events to go to or attend all of them! The specific activities, dates and times vary by location, so be sure to check with your local store. Some stores have their schedules posted online. For example, here are details on the Bass Pro Shops Family Summer Camp in Leeds, Alabama.

Who can participate

The entire family can attend the Bass Pro Shops Family Summer Camp—no matter your age! The best part is that you don't even need to register ahead of time. Just show up at your local store and start having fun!

What you can expect

The Bass Pro Shops Family Summer Camp teaches the basics of archery, hunting, camping and fishing. There are also workshops on backyard adventures (where you'll learn new games to play in the backyard and about bugs, honeybees and clouds), bird watching (and how to build a bird feeder), kayaking, travel safety and water safety. Each workshop is about 20 minutes long, and all kids get a free collectible pin and lanyard when they complete each workshop.

What else you can expect

Besides the fun workshops, there are also tons of free crafts and games (such as coloring, a wooden ring toss game and designing a camp journal) available for kids to play in the afternoon. Last year my daughter spent an hour painting wolf tracks! Some stores will also have fishing ponds, carousels and shooting arcades available to play!

Bass Pro Shops' Free Summer Camp: Conquer the Outdoors with Your Family