It seems that every child loves Chuck. E. Cheese’s—and my kids are no exception! This summer Chuck E. Cheese’s is encouraging kids to read with the Reading Rewards program. With the Reading Rewards program, my kids earn fun rewards just for doing something they love anyway: reading!

How to sign up

There’s no real sign-up process for the Chuck E. Cheese’s Reading Rewards program. Just print out the calendar here to get started!

How to earn rewards

All your child has to do to earn a reward is to read every day! The best part is that you specify how long you want your child to read. I find that having my daughter read 20 minutes a day works best. After your child finishes reading, have him or her mark off the day (my daughter loves to use stickers, but you could use whatever you like to mark off days—a pencil, pen or crayon).

How to cash in

Once your child completes the calendar (which is two weeks) bring it into your local Chuck E. Cheese’s. Your child will get 10 free tokens as a reward! It's that easy!

Consider this

You must purchase food in order to get the free tokens, but we always buy a pizza anyway, so this is never a big deal for our family. Your child can only turn in one Reading Rewards chart per visit—no double stacking. To keep the fun going, you can print out another reading certificate when you get home. Or, try one of the other reward certificates to keep your kids on track this summer. For example, I plan on printing out the charts for Daily Chores and Good Behavior.

  • Get more rewards calendars here
Reward Your Kids for Reading with Free Tokens at Chuck E. Cheese's