March is Women’s History Month, which is also crowded in with a host of other (more compelling, if less glamorous) events such as National Colorectal Cancer Month and National Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month, so it’s easy for the emphasis on the history of women to get lost in the shuffle. The truth is, March is a great month to pay homage to the contributions of women past and women yet to come!

To help celebrate this important month, enjoy these free, inspiring apps that encourage girls to push their limits of creativity, goodness, character and intellect. While not all these apps are free, at just a dollar or two per download, they deliver enough inspirational value to argue their case!

1. The Adventure of the 7Wonderlicious Girls

This app contains 28 short stories for and about girls. The lessons focus on developing character traits like bravery, kindness to others, self-esteem and friendship. You can also watch a short video demo HERE.

2. Little Writer

This free app has earned rave reviews on multiple websites from parents, teachers and kids. The app teaches letter tracing in a way that’s fun and interactive, with a motivator to collect apples and fish. It also has a fully customizable interface. Different levels keep kids of all ages engaged.

3. Harriet Plays at Being a Vet

This app follows a book series for girls called “Little Girl.” In the app, Harriet, the lead character, learns what it’s like to be a vet. The app is customizable, interactive and even lets players take a picture with Harriet and her cute puppy sidekick. The app also includes five coloring books, three jigsaw puzzles, quizzes and translations in several languages.

4. Sketch-a-Song Kids

This app teaches basic music composition skills with a user-friendly interface featuring more than 40 different instruments. Music teachers, parents and kids love the app, which makes composing music so easy and fun that nearly any “composition” sounds lovely at final listen.

5. Junior Astronaut

Yes, this is one of the more expensive apps on the market today, but how many apps out there encourage girls (and boys for that matter) to become interested in exploring space as an astronaut? calls it “out of this world!” and The Guardian calls it “a marvellous mix of serious science and playful entertainment.” “Kids come away with a firm grasp of rocketry’s basic principles,” according to Kirkus, which rated it one of 2012’s best apps.

6. American Museum of History: Dinosaurs

This free app was developed by the American Museum of History Collections to inspire kids to become interested in paleontology. This app is just one in a planned series of Collections apps sponsored by the museum. Kids can read stories, learn more about fossils and even guide visitors through the exhibit if you plan to visit the museum in person!

7. Mathmateer

Getting girls—in particular—involved in math and science has been a longtime goal of nationwide organizations like the AAUW (American Association of University Women) and others. Mathmateer is a great app to do just that. It has won kudos from The New York Times, iPhone Mom, and Children’s Technology Review, among others. The end-goal is to fly a rocket to the stars using math skills—so this app combines both math and science into one.

8. Bubble Pop Multiplication

Finally, Bubble Pop Multiplication is an app designed by a teacher who wanted to help her kids develop confidence in math and multiplication tables. It uses an arcade-style screen to teach kids multiplication (as a bonus, adults report they find it fun to play, too!) You get a stopwatch and have only so many minutes to answer math questions while popping bubbles before time runs out.

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