It’s raining, you’re tired, and the kids have their grumpy pants on…the last thing you want to do is go to the grocery store and shop for dinner and toilet paper…. So what are you going to do? Don’t fret–let Amazon Prime Now come to the rescue!


I recently tried Prime Now, Amazon’s newest service that delivers groceries, household essentials, meals, and more right to your door within 2 hours FOR FREE as long as you’re an Amazon Prime member. (I’m telling ya, that $99 yearly membership fee is totally worth the cost when you consider all the perks. Try it now for free.)

Here’s the 411 on ordering with Amazon Prime Now:

  • You must have Amazon Prime.
  • 2-Hour delivery is free, but you can get your stuff in an hour for $7.99.
  • You must spend at least $30 per store.
  • Delivery availability hours vary, but it’s typically 8 AM – 10 PM.
  • If you order perishables, someone has to be present to receive them.
  • You can have orders delivered to your home, work, and even hotel.
  • You can choose the time you want a store to start packing your order.

Use 10PRIMENOW for $10 off your first order.


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Live in a major city? Get free 2-hour delivery on whatever you need.

As soon as you’re part of the Amazon Prime club, go to Amazon Prime Now‘s homepage and enter your zip code to see if the service is available in your area. It’s currently available in 25 cities across the US, and more cities are being added frequently.


Choose to shop Amazon’s online store or select local supermarkets and restaurants.

Amazon’s selection is diverse; you can order anything from ice cream to vacuums. Produce, dairy products, and bread are available too; however, fresh meats and fish aren’t—at least not in my area.

I really wanted to see just how powerful this new service was, so I ordered a few extra items (including fresh meat and fish) from New Seasons Market, my local, fancy-schmancy, organic grocery store that rivals Whole Foods in Oregon. Uwajimaya, a regional Asian supermarket, was the only other grocer available for delivery, but I chose New Seasons Market because I was hungry and craving a sandwich…New Seasons had my back.

If you live in Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Diego, Austin, Baltimore, or Portland, you can order food from select restaurants and have your meal delivered for free within 1 HOUR (a limited-time offer).


Check the Manager’s Specials and Weekly Ad first for the best deals.

I was thrilled to discover that Bounty Big Roll paper towels were on sale, normally, $9.99 on Amazon and $9.19 at Target. I only paid $7.99 when I ordered via Prime Now. You’ll find sales all over the Amazon market; try sorting by lowest price to discover them quickly. Although some prices are competitive, it’s rare that you’ll find stock-up prices—but keep your eyes peeled just in case.

For the best discounts, check the Manager’s Specials and Weekly Ad where you can save up to 50% on select products. I spotted Stonyfield Organic YoKids Squeezers yogurt for $2.99. At Target you’d have to pay $4.19 for the same stuff. Not bad!


My Amazon Store Order

Here’s what I ordered from Amazon’s market:

  • Bounty Big Roll Paper Towels, 6 Count – $7.99
  • Dial Gold Antibacterial Hand Soap, 7.5 oz. – $0.89
  • Kleenex White Facial Tissue, 160 ct. – $1.50
  • Whiskas Temptations Savory Salmon Cat Treats – $1.52
  • Bananas, 6 ct. – $1.38
  • Annie’s Organic Mac & Cheese – $1.64
  • Organic Greenhouse Red On-the-Vine Tomatoes – $3.59
  • Dunkin’ Donuts Coffee – $7.99
  • Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream – $3.99
  • Bounce Outdoor Fresh Fabric Softener Sheets, 40 ct. – $2.19
  • Francisco Thick Sliced French Bread – $2.99
  • Organic Valley Shredded Mexican Cheese – $3.99

Total: $34.66 including a $5 tip and a $10 promo-code (10PRIMENOW) discount valid on first orders.

You can change the tip amount up to 48 hours after your delivery—$5 is the suggested amount. Mohamed, my Amazon Prime Now delivery man, was friendly, quick, and came to my apartment carrying three sealed bags, one that was stored in a cooler to keep my Ben & Jerry’s ice cream frozen. And frozen it was! Next time you’re craving dessert and don’t feel like putting pants on, just place an order and BOOM. Dessert will meet you at your door.


My New Seasons Market Order

Here’s what I ordered from New Seasons Market:

  • Rainbow Trout Fillet, 1 lb. – $11.99
  • Tuna Salad Sandwich – $6.99
  • Greek Salad – $6.99
  • All Natural Ground Beef, 1 lb. – $6.99
  • Organic French Baguette – $2.99

Total: $40.95 including a $5 tip.

Before placing the order I was a little worried about the quality of the fish and ground beef, but they were chilled and obviously fresh as soon as I opened the packaging. One thing I did notice was that I was given less trout than what I ordered online. I paid $11.99 for 1 lb. of fish but only received .77 lb., which means I was overcharged $2.76. I called Amazon customer service and no questions asked, they refunded the overcharged amount. Easy-peasy and no hard feelings—after all, we can’t expect every individual fish fillet to be exactly 1 lb. when we need it to be.

Overall, I’m a happy customer. The convenience is unbeatable! I won’t be using Amazon Prime Now every day (I’m too much in love with my coupons), but it’s nice to know that I can always get what I want and need quickly and easily with this new service.


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Amazon Prime Now: Get Free 2-Hour Delivery on Pretty Much Anything