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Clean Eating? Costco's Got 19 Products You'll Love

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Are you into clean eating? Lots of people are. Avoiding packaged and processed foods is awesome for a lot of reasons, but it can be expensive!

But hey, Costco’s gotcha covered. Keep an eye out for these items on your next Costco run to meet your clean eating goals while still protecting your wallet.


1. Buy your bone broth at Costco and save $15.00.

At Costco, six 32-oz. containers of Pacific Foods Organic Bone Broth sell for $15.99. You can get just one 32-oz. container at Fred Meyer for $5.19.

That’s a savings of $0.08/oz., which adds up fast!


2. Get organic coconut oil at Costco and save over $12.00.

Coconut oil can be used for literally anything. Good thing Costco sells 84-oz. containers for just $13.99. If you were to buy that much organic coconut oil from Trader Joe’s, you’d spend over $26.

Coconut oil is one of Costco’s most unbeatable deals.


3. Find frozen fruit for smoothies at Costco to save $10.00.

Kirkland brand organic triple berry blend is $12.39 for 5 lbs. Walmart sells their organic triple berry blend for $2.74 for just 10 oz. Five pounds of the Walmart product will run you more than $22.00!


4. Get organic applesauce at Costco and save $6.00.

Kirkland Signature organic applesauce pouches are just $9.99 for 24, or $0.13/oz. You can get Simple Truth brand at King Soopers for $2.69 for 4, which ends up being $0.21/oz.



5. Buy organic quinoa at Costco to save at least $3.26.

Costco sells 4.5 lbs. of organic quinoa for $9.99, which is just $2.22/lb.! Walmart sells non-organic quinoa for $5.48/lb. No contest!


6. Save more than $6.00 by getting your organic maple syrup at Costco.

You can get 33.8 oz. of organic maple syrup from Costco for $11.69. Buy the same amount of non-organic maple syrup at ALDI and pay $17.81.

This is another one of those unbeatable Costco deals. And it’s good for Keto, if you’re into that.


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7. Buy oatmeal at Costco and save $1.11 per pound.

Quaker Oats are $8.29 for 10 lbs at Costco. My local Kroger affiliate sells the 42 oz. canister of the same brand for $5.09. That’s more than $1.00/lb. difference.


8. Buy pre-made guacamole at Costco to save over $2.00.

Guacamole is an easy snack full of healthy fats. Costco sells 12 guac packs for $10.49, which works out to $0.35/oz.

Compare that to Walmart, which sells pre-made guac for $4.98 for 6 packs, at $0.42/oz. If you bought the same amount of guac there, you’d spend almost $13.00!


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9. Or make your own guac with bagged avocados and save $0.83 each.

A bag of 6 organic avocados is just $6.99 at Costco, but a single organic avocado at Kroger is $1.99!

I’ll stick with Costco for my avocado toast, thanks.


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10. Get almond milk from Costco to save $0.66 a carton.

Costco has the Kirkland brand of sweetened almond milk priced at $7.99 for 6 shelf-stable cartons. My local Kroger sells comparable almond milk for $1.99 a carton.

This stuff keeps for over 6 months, so there’s no reason not to buy it in bulk!


11. Stay hydrated with Costco coconut water and save $0.47 each.

Costco sells 12 of their organic coconut waters for $9.69, which works out to $0.81 each.

The least expensive coconut water at Walmart is $1.28 for a single carton, and it isn’t even organic.


12. Buy your almond butter at Costco to save $0.25/oz.

Costco sells 27 oz. of its organic almond butter for $7.99. Kroger’s Simple Truth Almond butter runs $6.49 for a measly 12 oz.!


13. Grab your Greek yogurt at Costco and save at least $1.00.

Fact: Greek yogurt goes in everything from smoothies to sauces. You can get a 3-lb. container of Fage brand at Costco for $6.69. You’ll pay over $5.00 at Walmart for just 12 oz.!


14. Fill your salad bowl with organic spinach from Costco and save up to $0.50/lb.

Costco sells 2 lbs. of organic spinach for $3.99. Get the exact same amount at Albertsons and pay $5.00.



15. Stock up on your organic canned soup from Costco to save $4.45.

One can of Amy’s Organic Lentil soup costs $2.18, or $0.15 an oz., at Walmart, but you can get an 8-pack from Costco for just $12.99, which is just $0.11/oz.!


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16. Costco’s organic bagged salad will save you $2.99.

Costco sells organic Mediterranean bagged salad for $5.99 for 24 oz. You can grab a comparable pre-made salad from Kroger for $4.49 for only half as much salad!


17. Buy fresh organic chicken breasts at Costco and save at least $0.50 a pound.

Organic chicken breasts run $5.49/lb. at my local Kroger affiliate, but they’re just $4.99/lb. at Costco.


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18. Buy organic hummus from Costco and save up to $7.00.

Costco sells organic hummus for $5.49 for 36 oz., while Albertsons sells their brand of organic hummus for $3.99 for just 10 oz. That’s a huge savings!


19. Purchase organic eggs from Costco and save $2.00 a dozen.

Two dozen organic eggs cost $6.39 at Costco while a single dozen organic eggs is $5.18 at Walmart. That’s a $2.00 per dozen difference.


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