Do you hear that sound? The school bell is ringing! And while this is very exciting, it also means that "Hey Mom! Can you help me with my homework?" is not far behind!

Now this is fine when kids are still in the coloring sheets phase of the homework. When young students start venturing into trickier subjects like Algebra, chemistry or advanced English, things can get a bit more tricky. The end result can be a homework headache!

Don’t surrender just yet, and don’t run out and hire an expensive tutor. There are an abundance of FREE and LIVE homework help sites designed to aid kids with their nightly studies. These online resources help with a quick question or an entire concept.

Thinkfinity:  Offers help in a wide variety of topics and curriculum. Registration is free and easy. Click on the red "Community Button" for access to chat arenas and message boards for help with nightly homework.

Just Answer Homework: A super-simple homework help resource! Create a free profile and type a homework question in the box. Most questions are answered within 9 seconds. The site also shows how many tutors are available at any given time. A good tip when homework needs are immediate.

Free Math: Offers a free math message board where friendly tutors answer math quickly! I asked a question and had a rather detailed answer is less than four minutes. This site offers this service 24 hours a day.

Jiskha Homework: Boasts the help of over 200 tutors standing by to assist with assignments. The site is easy to navigate, and registration is free. It covers a wide variety of topics and age levels, even high school. It also includes a free, live tutor chat.

School Trainer: Offers free homework help, chat sessions, message forums and more to help solve tricky homework assignments! Registration is free, and most services on the site are free including the chat and online video resources. You may upgrade services for a fee.

Hippo Campus: Specializes in assisting with math homework. Students can even request that their teachers use this site to help organize their nightly assignments and offer additional support. Registration is free, and the site covers a variety of curriculum.

Chatterbees: A wonderful homework help site that provides additional links to free homework help. Find chats, forums, parent newsletters and more to get through rough homework assignments! It is a great resource that assembles live chat sites just for homework help in one place.

Fact Monster: Quick homework facts in an instant, this site is perfect. It can help with science homework, language arts, and more. It is free to use and easy to navigate. Just type in a question (this site is very child-friendly; older children will be able to use it without assistance) and get an answer.

Discovery Education: Offers free and easy-to-use homework assistance for students of all ages and levels. The site is easy to navigate and can even be linked up with the child's teacher for additional assistance or homework rubrics.

Local Library: Locate live, online homework help for students in just about every state, provided by local libraries. A valid library card is needed to access these online help centers. Help is free and usually available during specific hours. Check with your local library to see if they offer this service in your area!

Homework time doesn't need to end in a headache. There are plenty of free online help sites available that offer live help and support to children of all ages and skill levels.

Homework Headaches: Where to Find Free Live Help