Wondering what’s open Christmas Day? While the list is slim, a few grocery stores, pharmacies, restaurants, and convenience stores are open for your last-minute holiday needs (or Christmas dinner if need be). Here’s our list of what places are open on Christmas 2021.

Most of these national chains have limited holiday hours, or their hours vary from our list, so be sure to call before you make any plans.

Happy Holidays!

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Grocery stores open on Christmas Day

A handful of grocery stores will be open Christmas Day, however, the hours will vary, and most likely be limited, so call ahead before heading out.


Restaurants open on Christmas Day

If you’d rather eat out for your holiday feast? You probably won’t have too much trouble finding any food places open near you, but calling your local restaurant or doing a quick search via OpenTable.com or Yelp.com can show which are open and whether they have limited hours or require reservations.



Pharmacies open on Christmas Day

Although most national chain pharmacies will remain open on Christmas Day, they’ll likely have reduced hours. Check with your local store to make sure.


Convenience stores open on Christmas Day

If you need any last-minute snacks, drinks, or other essentials, these convenience stores will be open Christmas Day. Call ahead for local times.


Fun places open on Christmas Day

Of course, if you and your family become bored silly after opening gifts and eating dinner, you might find some local fun places like bowling alleys and movie theaters open on Christmas Day. These national theaters will have locations open, most likely with limited showings.

These Places Will Be Open Christmas Day 2021