Amazon just announced that Whole Foods will give Prime members an additional 10% discount on any item in a Whole Foods store that is already on sale.

That means if organic cantaloupe is on sale at Whole Foods for $3.99/each (regularly priced at $5.99/each), Prime members will only pay $3.59. And this goes for any sale item!

To take advantage of the new discounts this summer, link your Whole Foods app to your Prime account, and have it scanned while checking out. You can also sync your phone number to your account and use that at checkout to save.

Whole Foods will also be giving Prime members more substantial discounts on a handful of regularly-priced items each week. For example, Prime members may get 50% off grass fed beef one week, while everyone else is paying full price.

These exclusive Prime discounts are currently available to Whole Foods customers in Florida, and will be activated for the rest of the country this summer (2018).

Since purchasing the grocery chain, Amazon has showered Prime members with enticing Whole Foods perks, including free two-hour delivery to Prime members in 10 major U.S. cities. Prime credit card users also get an additional 5% back on their Whole Foods purchases.


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Hey, Prime Members! Now You Can Get an Extra 10% Off at Whole Foods