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It’s October, and one of the best ways to celebrate the spooky season is to get some of the numerous pumpkin-themed products. And this year, you can level up your festivities by getting a pumpkin-shaped Halloween pizza throughout October.

So after you grab your Pumpkin Spice Lattes and bake your favorite pumpkin recipes, get ready to carve up the best (and cheapest) pumpkin-shaped pizzas.

And then mark your calendars for February because that’s when you can find a heart-shaped pizza for Valentine’s. We know … it totally makes the pizza taste better.

TIP: October is also National Pizza Month, so you’ll be able to get pizza deals all month long.


Aldi Ghost/Pumpkin Halloween Pizza: $5.49

Two Halloween pizzas, one ghost-shaped and the other pumpkin-shaped, sitting on a table with some Halloween Decorations.

Brittany Galla

There are plenty of Aldi deals for you to get year-round, but one of the best seasonal deals is the Aldi Halloween Pizza. Currently, they have two halloween-themed pizzas: one in a ghost shape as well as a pumpkin-shaped pizza for $5.49 each. Both give a festive feel, but the ghost shaped pizza uses mozzarella cheese and the pumpkin shaped pizza uses cheddar cheese.

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Papa Murphy’s Pumpkin-Shaped ‘Jack-O Pizza’: starting at $10

A pumpkin-shaped pizza from Papa Murphy's set on a black background

Papa Murphy’s is offering their annual “Jack-O Pizza” throughout October, ending on Halloween, Oct. 31. It’s one of our favorite Papa Murphy’s take n bake pizza deals of the entire year. You can get their 16-inch “Jack-O Pizza” for $13 and their 14-inch “Jack-O Pizza” for $10.

Both sizes of pizza are pumpkin shaped, with pepperoni around the edge of the pizza and forming the face. Two olives accentuate the eyes.

Each Papa Murphy’s Halloween pizza costs $0.99 less than the nonseasonal versions of the same sized pizza. (For example, the 16-inch pepperoni pizza costs $13.99). However, you won’t get as much pepperoni as a regular pepperoni pizza.



Chuck E. Cheese Pumpkin-Shaped Halloween Pizza: $16.49

pizza and slime cover pizza cookie from chuck e cheese

If you head over to Chuck E. Cheese in October, you can get a 14-inch pumpkin shaped Halloween pizza for $16.49. Each pizza has a pepperoni border with olive eyes. Unfortunately, there is no news on if Pasqually’s will be offering pumpkin shaped Halloween pizzas. Also, there are even more Halloween-themed treats that you can get at Chuck E. Cheese during the Spooky Season:

  • Creepy Cupcakes ($5.49) — a vanilla cupcake with edible slime on top.
  • Slime Cookie ($6.99) — a giant pizza cookie that has edible slime on top.
  • Dippin’ Dots Eye Scream ($6.00) — Dippin’ Dots with gummy worms sticking out of it with edible slime and a gummy eye on top.

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Papa John’s 11-inch Pumpkin-Shaped Pizza: $11

A pumpkin-shaped pizza from Papa John's set on a Halloween background

Papa John’s Jack-O-Lantern Pizza is back in 2022, and it’s still only $10.99 this year. Making this pizza one of the items that hasn’t been affected by pricing going up in 2022.

You can count on a pepperoni-lined crust, a pepperoni mouth, and pepperoni and olive eyes on an 11-inch pumpkin-shaped thin crust pizza.


Casey’s Jack-O’-Lantern Pizza: $13.99

a pumpkin shaped pizza from caseys

This year, you can get a Jack-O’-Lantern Pizza from Casey’s for $13.99. This festive pizza pie comes with a pepperoni smile and olive eyes. This pizza is only available until Oct. 31.

It's Pumpkin-Shaped Halloween Pizza Season: Where to Get One