Walmart Delivery is already a pretty big time-saver, since you can place a Walmart order online and get it delivered in just a few hours.

Now Walmart wants to eliminate the last time-suck of the grocery shopping process: putting the groceries away.

A new program called Walmart InHome takes delivery all the way inside the refrigerator.

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Walmart is expanding their in-the-fridge delivery service.

Walmart started delivering groceries directly to people’s refrigerators in 2019, kicking off the InHome program in three test cities — Pittsburgh, Kansas City, and Vero Beach, Fla.

After the program slowed way down during the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, they’re back at it, adding Atlanta, more Southeast Florida cities, and Northwest Arkansas (Walmart HQ’s backyard).


Think of InHome as the premier, $20-level of Walmart+.

Walmart+ is the subscription that gives you a lot of Walmart perks — among them, unlimited free delivery on orders of $35+. We talk all about that in our article on how Walmart+ can save you hundreds.

While the regular Walmart+ subscription is $98/year or $12.95/month, the upgrade for InHome costs $19.95/month.

InHome delivers everything that Walmart+ delivers, plus they will put perishables in the fridge, bring your prescriptions, and pick up your returns.



Walmart employees enter your house with your garage code — and you can watch.

When you sign up for InHome, you have a meeting with your delivery person before your first order to work out the details. There you’ll give them your garage code, door keycode, or buy a smart lock from Walmart for $49.95 (with free installation).

You can be home during an InHome delivery, but if you’re not, you’ll get a link to watch the delivery via the Walmart employee’s livestreaming body camera.


Try Walmart InHome 30 days free before paying $20/month.

Walmart gives new subscribers a 30-day free trial before they have to start paying $19.95/month for InHome delivery. (That’s double the regular Walmart+ trial!)

That said, if you’re a past or current Walmart+ subscriber, you don’t get the offer — it’s for completely new Walmart+ members only.

Walmart Grocery Delivery Now Goes Right to Your Fridge