The world gets weirder as Gen Z gets richer. On Dec. 18, Walmart had teen Tik Tok influencers sell fashion straight out of live streams, the first live stream selling experience ever from Tik Tok in the U.S. Viewers could tap on items, the items loaded to a Walmart cart, and they could check out, all while never even leaving the Tik Tok app.

So, if you see your teen or tween doing one of those ridiculous dances, don’t hate on them. They might sell enough Walmart merch to buy you that Porsche Cayenne you’ve been dreaming about. As Gen Z loves to say: “YEET.”

What’s next? Buying burgers from Google Maps? Yeah…that’s also a thing.

Here’s how the Tik Tok/Walmart collaboration worked:


Walmart tested the Tik Tok Holiday Shop-Along Spectacular on Dec. 18

via Walmart


So far, this was only a test. Walmart chose ten top Tik Tok influencers, led by Michael Lee (@justmaiko), to live stream basically whatever content they wanted, wearing Walmart fashion. The results were hilarious, and mixed, if you read the comments:

“I’d rather be a Trump person than be watching this.”

“WALMART gang.”

“I’m poor I can’t buy this.”

“Get better grades.”

“Who wears Walmart stuff”


“Where did AVANI go?”


Everything in the live stream was shoppable just by clicking and adding to cart.

via @TurnerNovak and Tech Crunch


Some users complained that it wasn’t a seamless experience. You still had to sign in to your Walmart account to complete your purchase. Since Gen Z teens and tweens don’t likely have their own Walmart accounts, I imagine there was a lot of “MOM! What’s your Walmart login??!!!” happening around most homes in America during the livestream.



If you missed the show, all of the merch is available on, organized by influencer.

Who knows if these influencers actually picked their own fashion from the Walmart/Tik Tok lineup? Even if they didn’t, they definitely had the right to accept or refuse what they wore. This generation is allll about control over their personal brands. Influencer or not, some of these items were pretty cute, and if you’re looking for Holiday gift ideas, the lists are useful:


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Walmart Hilariously Taps Gen Z to Sell Fashion Live from Tik Tok