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Who Makes Cafe Appliances — And All Your Other Questions Answered

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Cafe Appliances has become super popular over the past few years. They’re highly customizable and stylish. But they’ve also got a price tag to match. Before investing such a large amount in your fridge or oven, you might be wondering where this new brand came from. Who makes Cafe Appliances? How long have they been around? Seriously, what is their deal?

But perhaps most importantly: are there ways to save instead of paying full price?

We’re going to answer all of your questions about Cafe Appliances and show you smart ways to shop so you can save the most cash without giving up quality.

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Who makes Cafe Appliances? A very familiar industry player.

three ge appliances employees in factory

GE Appliances makes Cafe Appliances; the brand was launched in 2018.

But lest you think that General Electric is running the show, you should know that company sold off their GE Appliances subsidiary in 2016. GE Appliances is currently owned by Haier, a Chinese appliances company.

That said, GE Appliances is still based in the U.S. (Kentucky, specifically), even if ownership extends beyond international borders.


Kohler has a collab with Cafe Appliances.

a person looking at the cafe appliances website on their iphone

You may have heard Kohler’s name wrapped up in Cafe Appliances, too. Kohler doesn’t make Cafe Appliances products, but a partnership exists between the two brands for the hardware finishes on Cafe products.

So they work together, but Kohler isn’t involved in ownership of the company.



Buy Cafe Appliances from the company directly or at retailers like Home Depot.

person on laptop shopping for cafe fridge appliance online

If you live in a major city, you might be able to purchase Cafe Appliances online from the company directly.

If you don’t, there’s no shortage of retailers that also carry the brand. These include:


Bundling and rebates can help you save on Cafe Appliances.

a person loading a dishwasher

Fortunately, there are tons of ways to save on Cafe Appliances. The best strategy will depend on where you shop.

Bundle your appliance purchase to save up to $2,000.

If you’re buying directly from, you can get a bundle rebate via a Visa prepaid card if you’re purchasing multiple appliances at a time. The rebate is tiered depending on how much you’re buying:

  • 4 Cafe Appliances: $400 rebate
  • 5 Cafe Appliances: $900 rebate
  • 6 Cafe Appliances: $1,400 rebate
  • 7 Cafe Appliances: $2,000 rebate

Get the rebate instantly when you shop at Home Depot.

You can access this same rebate (and get your money instantly at the time of purchase) when you buy through Home Depot’s Rebate Center.

Strategize your Lowe’s shop to get 10% – 50% off.

The best time of year to shop appliances at Lowe’s is during the Presidents Day sale, when you’ll find appliances for 35% – 50% off.

During this sale and throughout the rest of the year, you may find floor models marked down even further. For example, you might be able to negotiate a lower price if you’re buying:

  • Scratch-and-dent appliances: Aim for a discount of 10% – 20% off list price. You may have to negotiate with a manager.
  • In the Appliance Special Values section: Appliances in this area of the store are usually marked down 15% – 30%. This is like the clearance section for appliances.

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Negotiate on floor models at Best Buy for 10% – 25% off.

See a Cafe Appliances product you want on the floor at Best Buy? Whether it’s a scratch-and-dent model or not, be sure to ask the manager for a discount on the appliance. You can start negotiations at 25% off, but expect the end result to be closer to the 10% mark.

Don’t shop at Wayfair unless there’s a sale.

When you shop Wayfair, you’re shopping online without a great return policy to fall back on. So if you’re going to get your Cafe Appliances from the online retailer, make sure the savings is worth it. The best times to catch Wayfair sales are April and October (for Way Day) and during Black Friday events. These sales tend to offer up to 80% off.

Keep an eye out for HOMES rebates in your state.

As a part of the Inflation Reduction Act, the federal government issued states money to run rebate programs for energy-efficient home appliance purchases.

Technically, the money is supposed to be available this spring. But there are a couple caveats.

The first is that, kind of like how states weren’t required to opt into Medicaid expansion with the ACA, they also aren’t required to accept HOMES rebate money through the Inflation Reduction Act. So whether or not your state runs the rebate program will depend a lot on the politics of your state government officials.

The second is that just because money is supposed to be dispersed in Spring 2023 doesn’t mean the programs will be up and running that quickly. You can keep tabs on your state’s efforts by checking your state energy agency’s website.

If you can get a HOMES rebate, you can get up to $840 off.

a person looking at the Area Median Income website on their macbook

Let’s say your state does end up running HOMES rebates, you’ll be able to get up to $840 off your electric stove, cooktop, range, oven, or electric heat pump clothes dryer.

The amount of the rebate is tiered. If you make less than 80% of your Area Median Income (AMI), you’ll be able to get 100% of your purchase price back as a rebate — up to that $840 amount. If you make 80% – 150% of your AMI, you’ll be able to claim 50% of the purchase price — again up to $840. If you make more than that, you’re SOL.

This rebate will be provided as a price reduction at the point of sale, which means you’ll have to bring paperwork proving your income with you when you make your purchase. That goes whether you’re buying the appliances a Home Depot or Lowe’s or wherever else you may be shopping.

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