Are you still paying full price at Macy’s? Come on… you know better than that.

Use our money-saving Macy’s shopping secrets next time:


1. Price match while shopping in store, and then use a coupon.

Why? prices are often cheaper than in-store prices. Use the Macy’s app to compare in-store prices to online prices, and if you find a lower price, ask the cashier to price match. You can even use your online coupon code in store on a price-matched item.

TIP: Macy’s price matches competitors too, so check prices at Belk, Bloomingdale’s, Bon Ton, Dillard’s, Kohl’s, JCPenney, Lord and Taylor, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue and Sears — or just use your ShopSavvy app to check them all at once.


2. Outsmart the website and get free shipping instead.

Don’t make a rookie mistake and pay $10.95 for shipping — instead, spend as little as $4 on a beauty item, and your entire order will ship free.

Or, opt for slower shipping in exchange for $5 free Macy’s Money. Around the holidays, look for a “no hurry” shipping option during your online checkout, and select it to receive $5 in Macy’s Money to use on your next purchase.

You can even order online and pick it up in store when there’s a promo for an extra 15-20% off your next order.


3. Buy in-season items 4-6 weeks before the season ends.

You can get the best discounts on in-season items during the following sales:

  • Spring clearance: April 1
  • Summer clearance: July 1
  • Fall clearance: October 1
  • Winter clearance: January 1



4. Get an average of $30 in houseware rebates at all times.

The average housewares rebate from Macy’s is $30, and you can expect to see about 20 rebates at any given time.

Even better? You can take advantage of sale prices and use coupons before the rebate. This little trick can save you anywhere from 70-80%.


5. Get up to 80% off shopping the Last Act clearance section.

There’s a section in most departments called the “Last Act” clearance section. But, it’s important to decode the tags before buying so you know what you’re getting.

A yellow price tag ending in 6 is a final markdown and will remain at that price until it’s sold. A blue tag ending in 3 is a second-to-last markdown (if it doesn’t sell, it’ll drop in price and get a yellow tag). Blue tags are typically 70% off the retail price.

If a white tag has just arrived in the Last Act clearance section, it may not have a markdown yet. Ask for a price check.

You can’t use coupons on Last Act items. Bummer, I know.


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5 Easy Money-Saving Macy's Secrets