The Semi-Annual Target Toy Sale is hands down one of the best times to stock up on toys. I’m talking about getting your family’s favorite brands for up to 70% off!

Guys, this is the time to buy birthday gifts for the year or even next year’s holiday presents. Here’s what you need to know to shop smart during one of the biggest toy clearance events of the year:

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1. Shop the Semi-Annual Target Toy Sale in January and July to save up to 70%.

In January and July, Target stores mark down different toys to make room for additional inventory. The sale is available both in store and on, but I recommend heading to the store for the best prices.

In January 2022, the semi-annual Target toy sale began on January 17 and in July 2021 it began on July 14. Both semi-annual sales run through the month. We can expect future semi-annual Target toy sales to begin the third week of January and second week of July.

Walmart toy clearance sales also happen following the holidays, so make sure to check prices at both stores before buying. If Walmart has the cheaper online price for a clearance toy, let your cashier know for a Target price match.


2. Watch Target toy clearance start at 30% off and grow from there.

Target toy clearance starts at 30% and typically progresses to 50% off within a week, followed by 70% off in the following weeks.

Once the toys hit 70% off, they stop there. In years past, the toys went up to 90% off, but since Target Salvage Stores have come into play, these toys will go there instead.

Discounts and clearance selection will vary by region and store. We called 10 stores around the country during the 2022 winter toy sale in January, and look how different everything was:

  • Atlanta: Clearance was 50 – 70% off, and the shelves were full! The employee we spoke to specifically said, “Come buy it all!”
  • Salt Lake City: Clearance was located on the back wall, and prices were marked on the tags. There was no additional signage up at the store.
  • Los Angeles: There were no percentage signs hanging in the stores, but toys were individually marked as much as 50% off.
  • Orlando: Inventory was high, and toys were discounted at 30% off at the time. The discount would go up to 50% off on that Sunday.
  • Chicago: Discounts were 30 – 50% off at the time. Inventory was high.
  • New York: Discounts were 30% off at the time. Inventory was high.
  • Dallas: No store discount signage and toys were individually marked as much as 50% off.
  • Austin: Discounts were between 20 – 70%, and shelves were still pretty full.
  • Seattle: Shelves were still pretty full, and discounts were only at 30%.
  • Phoenix: Discounts were at up to 50% off at the time, and were set to be marked as much as 70% off on that Friday or Saturday.


3. If you see LEGO or Barbie toys at 30% off, grab them immediately!

Two of the biggest brands you’ll see marked down during a Target toy sale are LEGO and Barbie. But as you’d expect, they get scooped up pretty quickly. If you see them marked down to 30% off, pick these clearance toys up before someone else does.

In July 2021, I was able to get Barbie Fashionista Dolls for $4.09 (reg. $8.19).


4. You can still return Target clearance toys.

Target clearance toy items follow the same rules as anything else under the Target return policy. The only items you won’t be getting a refund for are products that have been salvaged or discontinued.


5. Pay with your RedCard for an extra 5% off.

Make sure to use your Target RedCard to pay for your toy clearance haul. You’ll get an extra 5% off your total, plus free shipping on your order if you’re shopping online.



6. Always scan a clearance toy to check the latest price.

Those bright yellow clearance tags are an easy giveaway that the toy you’re looking at is on clearance. But just because it’s on clearance doesn’t mean the price you see is what you’re gonna get. The tag on the box might not even match the tag on the shelf.

Bring the toy over to the in-store price scanner (every 10 – 15 aisles) to check the current price. You can also scan in the Target app, but it won’t give you the current in-store price.


7. Use BrickSeek to check toy sale inventory at Target and Walmart.

Inventory — especially during big semi-annual sales — varies by location. Even your local Target stores will have different toys in stock.

To save time and check inventory before leaving the house, use and enter the DPCI code for the item you’re shopping. BrickSeek is free and will tell you whether it’s available at any of the Target (or Walmart) stores near you.

If you get a “limited quantity” message, double-check against with your specific store location. It won’t give you the exact number of items, but it will at least let you know if it’s available at your location.


8. Use Instagram hashtags to see what other people are finding.

#targetclearance is a trending hashtag on Instagram during the semi-annual Target toy sales, and although inventory varies between stores, it’s always good to see what other people are able to score.

Browse these hashtags during January and July:

Make sure to share your semi-annual Target toy sale haul in the comments below!


8 Target Toy Sale Tips & Tricks to Help You Save Up to 70%