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14 Tried & True Ways To Get Cheaper Zaxby's Chicken

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If you’re lucky enough to live near a ​​Zaxby’s, you’ll be hard-pressed to find Zaxby’s Chicken Fingers & Buffalo Wings for cheap, but we found all the ways that you can save on Zaxby’s menu prices using easy hacks.

Even though the beloved Zaxby’s 99 Cent Nibbler Day is discontinued, there are plenty of other ways to uncover the best value items at Zaxby’s best value. We’ll show you how to find every Zaxby’s coupon, how to use the Zaxby’s app, and which Zaxby’s Family Packs are worth purchasing.


1. Get a free Zaxby’s Chicken Sandwich when you sign up for Zaxby’s Rewards program.

A person's hand holding a cell phone displaying the Rewards page of the Zaxby's app next to a chicken sandwich, a drink, and a box of fries on a table at Zaxby's.

When you join the Zaxby’s Rewards program, the Zax Fan Club, and fill out all the information, you’ll get a Zaxby’s coupon for a free Signature Chicken Sandwich (reg. $5.69) sent directly to your email or the Zaxby’s app.


2. Using the Zaxby’s app will get you the best Zaxby’s coupons on Zaxby’s chicken fingers & buffalo wings.

A screenshot of the Zaxby's app graphic from the app store.

By downloading the Zaxby’s app and joining the Zaxby’s Rewards program, you’ll get consistent Zaxby’s coupons sent to your phone and email throughout the year. Here’s just a few we’ve seen:

  • BOGO Free Boneless Wings Meal (reg. $7.99) on National Random Acts of Kindness Day (Feb. 17)
  • BOGO Free Boneless Wings Meal (reg. $7.99) on National Teachers/Nurses Day (May 3)
  • Free Signature Sandwich (reg. $5.69) after proof of donating blood
  • Free Kids Meals (reg. $5.39) on Wednesdays at select Zaxby’s locations


3. Scan your Zaxby’s Rewards account every time you order to get free Zaxby’s coupons.

A person's hand holding a cell phone displaying the Zaxby's app's QR code for checking in at the restaurant.

When you pay for your Zaxby’s Chicken Fingers & Buffalo Wings, be sure to scan your Zaxby’s app at checkout. You’ll get free Zaxby’s coupons sent to your app.

Here are a few of the coupons you can get by scanning your app:

  • Free Fries (reg. $2.39)
  • Free 5-Piece Chicken Fingerz (reg. $6.89)
  • Free Cookie (reg. $0.99)

FYI, there are plenty more restaurant apps worth downloading on your phone!

Note: Zaxby’s 99 Cent Nibbler Day has been discontinued alongside their other weekday deals at Zaxby’s. But, there are plenty of Monday restaurant deals and Tuesday restaurant deals you should know about.


4. Fill out your birthday on the Zaxby’s app to get a free birthday reward every year.

A person's hand holding a chocolate chip cookie above two more cookies on a table at Zaxby's.

When you sign up for Zaxby’s Rewards, remember to enter your birthday to get a free birthday reward, three cookies (reg. $1.79), every year on your birthday week.

This is just one of the many birthday rewards restaurants and companies are offering.


5. Fill out the Zaxby’s Listens survey after your visit to get a free Zaxby’s coupon.

A Zaxby's receipt laying on a table next to boxes of chicken and a ranch container.

When you go to Zaxby’s, always ask for your receipt to fill out the Zaxby’s Listens survey. That way, you can get a Zaxby’s coupon for BOGO Big Zax Snak (reg. $7.99).

You’ll need to complete the survey within 14 days of your original purchase, but you can get this coupon every time you visit a Zaxby’s near you. That means you can get this coupon over and over again. Forever and ever.

There are plenty of receipt rewards that you can get after filling out a survey — no complaining necessary.



6. The Zaxby’s chicken sandwich is 21% more expensive than Popeyes.

A person's hand holding up a chicken sandwich from Zaxby's restaurant.

If you’re looking for the cheapest chicken sandwich, you won’t find it at Zaxby’s. In fact, Zaxby’s chicken sandwich is 21% more expensive than Popeyes and 18% more expensive than Chick-fil-A’s.

  • Popeyes Chicken Sandwich: $4.49
  • Chick-fil-A Chicken Sandwich: $4.65
  • Zaxby’s Chicken Sandwich: $5.69


7. The Zaxby’s Family Pack will get you wings for at least 14% cheaper than Buffalo Wild Wings.

A person's hand taking a piece of chicken out of a box of chicken wings on a table at Zaxby's.

The Zaxby’s Family Pack gets you a 30-Piece Chicken Wing for $29.49 — or $0.98/wing. The cheapest option per wing at Buffalo Wild Wings is 150 wings for $173.99 – or $1.15/wing.

Of course, we know all the Buffalo Wild Wings specials that’ll get you free wings.


8. Never order the Zaxby’s Family Pack for Chicken Fingerz.

A chicken tender family meal from Zaxby's in open boxes on a table.

There are only two Zaxby’s Family Packs and both comes with two sides of fries and four pieces of Texas toast. While the Zaxby’s Family Pack is a good deal if you’re ordering traditional Zaxby’s Chicken Wings, it’ll cost you 12.9% more for the Chicken Fingerz:

  • 5-Piece Chicken Fingerz: $6.89; $1.38/piece
  • 10-Piece Chicken Fingerz: $12.79; $1.28/piece
  • 20-Piece Family Pack Chicken Fingerz: $29.49; $1.47/piece


9. Get your Zaxby’s chicken fingers & buffalo wings delivery through Uber Eats for the cheapest delivery fee.

A Zaxby's takeout bag and drink sitting on a front porch.

We’ve checked Zaxby’s delivery locations around the U.S. and found that Uber Eats generally has the lowest delivery fee:

  • Uber Eats: $0.49 delivery fee
  • DoorDash: $0.99 delivery fee

But before you order Zaxby’s Chicken Fingers & Buffalo Wings for delivery, don’t forget to check out our Uber Eats tips and DoorDash tips.


10. Buy a Zaxby’s gift card to get an instant 2% off your order.

A person holding a Zaxby's gift card inside a Zaxby's restaurant.

Getting a discounted Zaxby’s gift card from Raise.com will get you a discount every time you visit. We’ve seen the discount go up to 2% which isn’t much, but every bit helps.


11. You won’t be able to use Apple Pay at Zaxby’s.

A person's hand inserting their credit card into the card reader at the counter of Zaxby's.

Does Zaxby’s take Apple Pay? Zaxby’s does not take Apple Pay. In fact, they won’t take any kind of digital wallet, like Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Venmo, etc.

However, you can add your Apple Pay as a payment option to your Zaxby’s app when you checkout online or through the app.



12. Make your own Zaxby’s sauce at home.

A mixing bowl with homemade sauce with mayo, black pepper, ketchup, Worcestershire sauce, and garlic powder, with a person whisking it

The Zaxby’s sauce recipe is hidden from the public, but there are a lot of copycat recipes out there. This is the best Zaxby’s sauce recipe we’ve seen so far:


  • ½ cup mayonnaise
  • ¼ cup ketchup
  • ½ teaspoon garlic powder
  • ¼ teaspoon Worcestershire sauce
  • ½ teaspoon freshly ground black pepper, or more to taste


  • Whisk mayo, ketchup, and garlic powder into a bowl
  • Add Worcestershire sauce until incorporated
  • Add ground black pepper to taste


13. Get your Zaxby’s salad with no chicken to save up to 30%.

A person holding up a Zaxby's salad while sitting in a booth at Zaxby's.

When you get a Zaxby’s salad, you’ll have your choice between fried, grilled, and no chicken. Fried and grilled chicken will cost you the same amount, but you’ll get a discount of up to $2.90 if you get it with no chicken.

Here’s how the salads stack up:

  • The Cobb Zalad (reg. $9.59): $6.69 with no chicken — a 30.2% discount
  • The House Zalad (reg. $9.39): $6.99 with no chicken — a 25.5% discount


14. Zaxby’s milkshakes are discontinued.

Zaxby’s used to have Chocolate Cookie Milkshakes, Banana Pudding Milkshakes, and, most famously, Birthday Cake Milkshakes. Unfortunately, Zaxby’s milkshakes have been discontinued, and there is no news on when or if they are coming back.

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