Spring is in the air, and my closet is begging for some sunshine. That means it’s time for a closet makeover! When you declutter your closet this season, you’re bound to find a lot of things you don’t wear anymore, items that you forgot you had, and out-of-date styles. To avoid this in the future, try using a new organization method. Whether you have a walk-in or a single closet, these tips will work to declutter your stuff and help you find that perfect spring outfit.

1. Create no-slip hangers

When I purchase clothes at the store, I always try to ask the clerk to leave my clothes on hangers. This saves me money and my clothes don’t get wrinkled before I get them home. My one problem with hangers in general is that my tanks and sleeveless items fall off of them and onto the floor. I’ve found a quick way to fix this problem with a simple item called a pipe cleaner.
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2. Organize sunglasses in style

Getting my shades on is one way to welcome spring! I have a few pairs of sunglasses and keeping up with them is quite a chore. Hang your stylish frames over a decorative hanger and you’re in business.
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3. Make a scarf hanger with shower curtain rings

I’m a sucker for a scarf! The styles and colors of a simple scarf can add a punch to any outfit. But they’re overflowing in my closet. My solution? Shower rings I can find for $2!
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4. Embrace an embroidery hamper for delicates

I keep my delicates in my closet until I’m ready to wash them. By taking a decorative pillowcase and threading it through an embroidery hoop, I can protect my delicate items beautifully.
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 5.  Create dividers with shoe boxes

Narrow shoe boxes work great for organizing your clothes drawers. This works especially well in underwear and sock drawers; they help keep pieces neat and accessible. 
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6. Use crown molding as shoe hangers

There’s a huge empty space in my closet near the ceiling. It’s hard to make use of that space with shelving, so I recently tried using some crown molding. Now my heels hang above my head where they’re always visible, reachable, and out of the way.
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6 Genius Ways to Organize Your Closet