Until a couple of years ago, my knowledge of plastic wrap was limited to one thing and one thing only—covering up leftovers. But plastic wrap has many more secrets up its sleeve, and these 12 useful hacks will prove it!

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1. Keep out the hot and cold.

Is your house drafty? Do certain rooms always seem to get too cold or too hot? Your windows may be to blame.

  • What to do: Sneak small wads of plastic wrap into cracks and crevices to keep out drafts. You can also wrap your windows in plastic wrap to help keep out the cold during the winter.
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2. Cover newborn seeds.

The "greenhouse effect" may not be so great for our planet, but it sure works wonders when it comes to young sprouting seeds.

  • What to do: Once you've planted the seeds or seedlings, loosely wrap their pad with plastic wrap to hold in moisture and humidity to help them grow.

3. Keep pieces in place while moving or transporting.

Are you in the middle of moving households, rearranging rooms, or planning a trip?

  • What to do: If you plan to take things like silverware, jewelry and other items that tend to arrive bundled into a big heap, wrap their enclosures with plastic wrap first to keep every item neatly in its place.
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4. Keep ice cream freezer-safe.

Does your ice cream routinely suffer from freezer burn, no matter how carefully you close the lid?

  • What to do: By placing a sheet of plastic wrap under the lid of the ice cream container, you can prevent freezer burn.
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5. Make gift bags.

Plastic wrap makes great makeshift gift bags!

  • What to do: Just fill with treats, gather up the edges and twist together ends, or tie with a pretty clip or ribbon.
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6. Speed up the ripening process.

Earlier this week, you may have seen I tested the plastic-wrap-on-bananas theory. The plastic wrap was supposed to slow the ripening, but it didn’t work for me. Here’s a better idea:

  • What to do: Harness the ethylene gas emitted from bananas to speed the ripening of other reluctant fruits. Place your peaches, avocados or other ripening-resistant fruits in a bowl and cover with plastic wrap—this works like a greenhouse to speed things up.


7. Redirect eager fruit flies and gnats.

As temperatures warm, gnats and fruit flies can be attracted to ripening fruits, budding plants and other delectable indoor odors.

  • What to do: Place a sheet of plastic wrap over a small dish filled with old white wine or soapy water. Poke small holes in the plastic wrap. The bugs will crawl in, but won't be able to get out—problem solved!
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8. Put together a makeshift bandage.

For serious wounds, plastic wrap serves as a timely emergency bandage.

  • What to do: Wrap a sheet of plastic wrap securely around the wound until you can get the patient to an urgent care center.
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9. Place under areas in the fridge or pantry that are prone to getting dirty.

Every house has those certain "high traffic" areas that just seem to need a lot of cleaning.

  • What to do: Place a sheet of plastic wrap over those areas and wash/replace as needed—no more scrubbing!
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10. Remove label adhesive.

Plastic wrap makes it easy to remove pesky adhesive residue.

  • What to do: Dampen the label or sticker with a sponge and cover the whole thing with plastic wrap and let it sit for an hour or so. Then just peel the label away.
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11. Get rid of unsightly blackheads.

Plastic wrap isn't just a life-saver in the kitchen….your beauty regimen can benefit from its help too!

  • What to do: Smooth a bit of petroleum jelly over the affected area, then smooth a strip of plastic wrap over that. Peel away the wrap, rinse with cool water and dry. No more blackheads!
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12. Protect your electronics.

Like the old-school plastic coverings for furniture, a thin piece of plastic wrap is the perfect protective covering for delicate electronics like your keyboard.

  • What to do: Place a sheet over the electronic item to keep the dust (and everything else) out until you are ready to use it again!
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12 Plastic Wrap Hacks You Need to Know!