1. Update a plain kitchen wall with painted faux tile.

It’s amazing what a little effort, tape, paint, and straight lines can do to a vintage kitchen. To see how this look was created, follow this link.


2. Transform a boring door by adding crown molding.


3. Apply liquid stainless steel to appliances for a modern look.

With stainless steel paint kits costing about $25, you can “stainless steel” your entire kitchen for much less than buying new appliances!


4. Create a carriage garage with faux windows and hardware.

Create a look similar to this one for $65.

5. Hang artwork 60” to 66” inches from the ground for the best look.

Artwork looks better when it’s positioned at eye level on your walls.


6. Install dimmable light switches to set different moods and save electricity.

Via Lutron

You can even get them in colors to match your wall or trim paint. Estimated cost: Lutron’s Diva C.L dimmer, starting around $31, including a tinted switch cover; Pro Lighting

7. Paint old linoleum or vinyl floors.

Save money on tile and spend about $50 to paint your floor instead—just make sure you use polyurethane-based porch and floor enamel. Step it up a notch and use stencils.


8. Fill paver cracks with low-growing plants that spread nicely.

Sow some seeds in early spring—like low-growing thyme, which prevents weeds from sprouting. A typical packet of 400 seeds costs about $2.


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9. Replace old carpet on stairs with a runner.

If a runner rug isn’t for you, consider painting a runner-like pattern instead.

10. Turn a closet into a home office.


11. Give the kitchen a new look by painting cabinets and replacing hardware.

With a gallon of paint at Home Depot costing around $25, and hardware (handles and knobs) priced $1 to $5, you can create a new look in your kitchen for under $100.

12. Add mirrors to closet doors to make rooms appear bigger.

Add extra space to a room by tacking full length door mirrors to the outside of your closets. Paint the frames to match the room’s color. These mirrors cost anywhere from $6 to $20 apiece.


13. Use floating shelves to free up valuable floor space.


14. Un-clutter a work area with a pegboard rack.

Get organized without spending a lot of money. A pegboard panel at Lowe’s costs about $15. A pack of assorted hooks costs about $11.


15. Shine light on your counters with under-cabinet LED lights.

Via Lowes

A package of 5 adhesive-backed LED lights from Amazon costs about $12. Get the dimmable version for $45.


16. Place ceiling medallions around hanging light fixtures.

Depending on the size, ceiling medallions usually start around $20.


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