I store a plastic bag of butter wrappers folded in half in my refrigerator and freezer, even though it drives my family crazy. Half of them don’t understand it or think I’m ridiculous for saving what they think is “trash.” They can be such a cheap, time-saver that really comes in handy around the kitchen. Check out these 6 new ways to reuse your leftover butter wrappers!

1. Ditch pricey non-stick sprays

If you're an avid baker, you can save old butter wrappers instead of shelling out dough on non-stick cooking sprays. Just stash the butter wrappers in your refrigerator or freezer and use them to grease baking sheets and pans. Butter wrappers are also great for lightly coating skillets for sautéing.

2. Separate homemade hamburger patties

Simply patty your hamburgers and stick a butter wrapper between each one. The stacked hamburgers won't stick to themselves or each other. Plus, they'll take up less space in your icebox or freezer.

3. Coat corn on the cob

Thaw your butter wrappers. Then hand everyone a wrapper (especially the kids) at dinner and let them coat their own corn on the cob. No mess, no fuss and no knives.

4. Butter freshly baked biscuits and breads

Whether you're stacking pancakes sky-high, churning out dozens of buttermilk biscuits, or making toast on the go—butter wrappers make cooking a cinch. Sit or gently rub a butter wrapper on top of your bread for salty-goodness.

5. Press down Rice Krispie Treats

The most difficult part of making Rice Krispie Treats is pressing them into the pan without covering your hands (or favorite spatula) in melted butter and marshmallows. When you make your next batch (especially if it's with your kids), grab a wrapper out of the freezer and push the sticky treats into place.

6. Microwave a perfect potato

After thoroughly scrubbing a small potato, poke two holes in each side of it with a fork or sharp knife. Then cover the potato in a butter wrapper straight from the freezer and stick it in the microwave for a tasty potato!

6 Ways to Reuse Butter Wrappers