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It’s no secret that I’m a sucker for the Dollar Store.

And it’s guaranteed that I will always find something to buy (that I don’t need), but these 18 mind-blowing kitchen and bathroom organization ideas from the Dollar Store are something everyone could use:


1. Dry kids’ bath toys by hanging them in a mesh laundry bag.

Store your kids’ toys in a mesh bag — not only will it organize and keep the toys in one place, it’ll also allow them to dry out before the next use.


2. Organize makeup brushes in a metal planter.

Fill the planter with smooth, decorative rocks (or marbles). Place a chunk of styrofoam or floral foam in the bottom so as not to require as many stones. Than just stick your brushes in!


3. Use a plastic organizer for kids’ hair ties and clips.

Keep all those pesky little hair clips and hair ties organized and portable!


4. Organize bathroom drawers with small plastic baskets.


5. Store hair tools in a plastic magazine holder.



6. Use plastic bins to easily store kids’ snacks in your pantry.


7. Organize tea and K-Cups in stacking bins.


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8. Sort and organize earrings and rings into ice cube trays.


9. Store camping spices in a pill box.

Before hitting the road for a camping trip this summer, fill a pill container with the spices you’ll need (instead of bringing a whole bottle of each spice).


10. Hang necklaces from a towel rod with shower curtain rings.



11. Use hot glue and rope to transform a wire wastebasket.

Use the hot glue to attach the rope to the wire basket as you wind the rope around. Once you’re done, you’ve got yourself a wastebasket that looks like it was designed by Joanna Gaines!


12. Prevent muffin cups from getting crushed by storing them in a canning jar.


13. Glue vases onto candlestick holders to create DIY apothecary jars.

First, remove any stickers from the bottom of the vase or jar. Then put a ring of glue along the top of the candleholder, and attach the vase.

Use a glue that is a bit stronger like E6000 multi-purpose craft glue, then let sit overnight.


14. Save space on your bathroom counter by gluing plates to candleholders for a tiered organizer.

You can use hot glue or E6000 multi-purpose craft glue for extra support.


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15. Keep counters clean by organizing kitchen soap and lotion in a metal planter.


16. Store spices in magnetic tins.

I already had a magnetic chalkboard from Target, so this worked perfectly! Fill the containers with your spices, and place on the board. Be careful when removing from the magnetic board to prevent spilling.

Make labels (if you’d like) and you’ve got yourself a cute little spice rack!

This also would work well in a kid’s room to hold small craft items.


17. Use baskets to organize kitchen drawers.


18. Save space by organizing razors and feminine hygiene products in stackable bins.



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18 Jaw-Dropping Organization Ideas from the Dollar Store