It’s been staring you in the face all winter and spring, and you know it’s time to take charge of it — your garage!

But how do you organize a garage on a budget?

First, set aside a whole weekend to tackle it, and check out how many of these items you have already lying around that you can repurpose.

If you don’t have something, most of these are affordable and available on Amazon. Or, check out these storage deals.


1. Use a kitchen magnet strip to organize tools.

Hand tools, drill bits, metal rulers — anything metal (and not too heavy) can hang from these handy kitchen magnet strips.

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2. Stack your recycling bins on the wall.

Keep them off the floor and you’re more likely to stick with recycling.

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3. Hang folding chairs in your garage or on the side of your house.

Level up on this idea by installing your chair hangers somewhere near the location you tend to use the chairs most often — for example, the backyard.


4. Pour leftover paint into labeled mason jars.

Make this as simple or as crafty as you like, but you can always find mason jars on Amazon for a decent price.

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5. Use concrete forming tubes to store sports equipment and rakes.

Don’t pay up to $50 for a dedicated bin or a holder for rakes and baseball bats!

Go to Home Depot or Lowe’s and get concrete forming tubes for $7-$10 instead.

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6. Drill a metal bucket into a wall to create a hose and sprinkler caddy.

All you need is a bucket, screws and a drill.

You could use a plastic bucket too if it was really heavy duty.


7. Attach a pool noodle to the wall to store fishing rods.

Screw a pool noodle to the garage wall and cut slits in it to hold the rods. Add a 2×4 plank to the floor if you want extra stability.


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8. Mount flat-back buckets to your wall to store car-washing supplies.

Hang the bucket using a picture hanger so you can remove it from the wall when it’s time to wash your car.



9. Use free pallets to organize your lawn care tools.

You can get pallets for free pretty easily (check Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace, for starters). They’re easy to work with and make a great holder for rakes and shovels.

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10. Hang your extension cords using a wall hook and chain.

Bye-bye cords tangled up on your garage floor.

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11. Put pallets to work as a bike rack.

Pallets again!

Don’t buy a spendy bike rack — make this bike holder instead.

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12. Color code the breaker box.

Because when you need to deal with a breaker box, it’s best to not also be pulling your hair out.

This will save you time and frustration!

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13. Use bungee cords and wood slats to create ball storage.

You only need a couple pieces of wood and a few bungee cords to organize all those soccer balls and basketballs rolling around your garage.

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14. Repurpose a ladder to hold scrap wood.

Part of what keeps me from certain DIY projects is the thought of dealing with a ton of wood that I don’t have room for.

If you have a ladder, you can take care of it!

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15. Store bins full of seasonal items like camping or winter gear on your garage ceiling.

Since you only need certain items a few times a year, don’t let them take up valuable real estate in your garage.

Use the ceiling instead!

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16. Store spray paint in a hanging shoe organizer.

And please tell me you’re getting your shoe organizers at the dollar store, because you totally should.

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17. Put trash bags on a roll on the wall.

You just need a couple of dowels and some curtain rod hooks to ditch the boxes full of trash bags on your shelves.

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18. Make a DIY tape dispenser and mount it to the wall.

Organize your duct tape, painter’s tape, masking tape and more.

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19. Hang a mesh storage bin on your wall to store balls or shoes.

Another attempt to get more clunky items off the ground.

Don’t pay for a spendy organization system — instead buy this mesh storage bin on Amazon for a fraction of the price.


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19 Ways to Organize Your Garage on a Budget