I had never shopped at Aldi until my mom told me about it. She raved about great food items at such low prices. We had a picnic one day and she listed what she had paid for everything we were enjoying, and I was sold!

It wasn’t long after that, that I made a trip on my own. My first favorite item was their baked chips! I love baked chips, but they are usually at least $4.00 a bag at a regular store, and it’s half air. Aldi’s brand is less than $2.00! They have many other food items that are also of exceptional quality and price, especially during the holidays when they carry some German food favorites that my family loves. Grab a quarter, some reusable bags and your grocery list, and head to Aldi with these tips in mind!

1. Shop on the start date of your Aldi ad

Some Aldi stores release their ads on different days of the week. My store’s ad begins on Wednesdays. Check your local Aldi to find out their release day. In order to be sure that you grab up the best deals, hit the store on the first day of the ad! Aldi’s pricing is very good, so things tend to go fast. You may not see certain items again for a while until they are restocked.

2. Bring your own bags or grab a box

Aldi does not provide shopping bags for you in store. You will need to bring your own. They do have paper bags for 10 cents as well as a variety of reusable bags that you can purchase and keep for future trips to Aldi! I have one of their insulated reusable bags and it works great. It was less than $3.00 and I have had it for a while now. You may also find an empty box or two in a bin or other areas that you shop. (Most of their grocery items are in boxes you shop from.)

3. Plan your trip

Aldi releases their ads far in advance. This will give you ample time to plan your menu around the sales. In the end, this saves you more!

4. Must-buy items

By far, I have saved the most on produce and meat! I love their selection of fresh foods! Making a healthy salad or fruit snack doesn’t have to eat up your grocery budget when you shop at Aldi. Make sure you check the Fresh Meat Special Buy section so that you don’t miss out on deals like fresh pack chicken breasts for $1.89/lb or fresh pork sirloin roast for as low as $1.99/lb. The cheapest I have been able to find at my local grocery store is $1.99/lb and that only happens once in a while. Beef has soared in price at my local big-box grocery stores for as much as $5.00+ per pound; Aldi’s special buy for fresh USDA choice sirloin tip roast was as low as $4.49/lb just last week! Grab them up fast, as they don’t last long!

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Must-buy produce

  • baby carrots
  • bagged or head lettuce
  • tomatoes
  • grapes
  • apples
  • celery
  • potatoes

Must-buy meat

  • chicken
  • steak
  • pork roast
  • sliced bacon
  • ground turkey
  • spiral cut ham

5. Don’t buy the personal care products

Many of their toiletry items aren’t worth buying since the prices are not as good as those you’d find at regular grocery stores. I would skip these. You can find just as good or better for name brands with coupons and sales at your other local stores.

6. Save on Aldi’s line of healthy food items

Aldi has a great line of healthy foods called “Fit & Active.” These are my favorite since they’re low-fat and low-calorie food options. Not only are they inexpensive, but they taste great! They’re about 40-50% lower in price than their competitor brands at Walmart or Target. Aldi also has a few items that are organic and gluten free—be sure to check them out!

7. Shop with cash

One reason why Aldi’s prices are so low is because they don’t have to pay credit card fees. Be sure to bring cash or debit!

8. Shop the Special Buys

The Special Buys are usually on non-food items. For example, since it’s now springtime, next week they’re having a sale on outdoor seat cushions—get cushions for as low as $3.99! You can’t skip the Special Buy!

9. Don’t forget your quarter

Keeping track of their own carts is another way Aldi keeps their prices low. If you want a cart, you’ll need to “release” one with a quarter. But don’t worry, you get your quarter back when you replace the cart after shopping!

10. Check for clearance

Once a season has ended, Aldi will drastically reduce prices on the previous holiday’s items. After Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving and Halloween, keep an eye out for steep discounts.

11. Check the website for New Low Prices

You’ll want to check their site weekly for any New Low Prices that may not have been included in the weekly ad. They will list quick discounts on this page so that you can grab any pop-up sales!

12. Remember their double guarantee

Aldi will not only replace any item that you aren’t satisfied with, but they’ll also give you your money back!

13. Skip the coupons

I know it sounds crazy, but you don’t need to bring your coupons, as Aldi doesn’t accept any! You will still find great deals, and save time by not organizing which coupons you should bring.

This is a post by Amber from Waynesboro, PA.

13 Ways to Save at Aldi