You know a question I get a lot? It’s usually asked in hushed-tones, like the questioner is hoping to elicit a confession. “So, do you really still coupon? Tell me the truth.”

Truth: As a busy working mom straddling KCL and home, I have less time for shopping than I did five years ago.

Truth: As a result of the success of KCL, I have more wiggle room in my monthly grocery budget.

Truth: While I may not need to coupon to survive, I’m still interested in saving money.

Check out this video to find out exactly what kind of couponing I’m doing this year. I’m going for low-investment, high-impact strategies that yield big savings! Get a peek into my pantry and find takeaways from my game plan!

I’m beating Costco & Walmart prices shopping online with Amazon Subscribe & Save + Amazon coupons.


I’m test-driving the latest in convenience shopping: Amazon Prime Pantry.


I’m saving time by only couponing at my favorite store: Target.

I’m finding deals and building my shopping list on KCL


I’m mustering the courage to ditch newspaper coupons.


I’m using only printable coupons and stacking them with sales and these ten rebate apps.


I’m continuing to stockpile whenever I find the right price!


I even place a special order about once a month when I know I want to stock up.


I’m careful never to buy too much, because I know sale prices cycle about every two months.


I’m shopping, sharing, and sometimes splitting with a friend!


How I’m Extreme Couponing in 2015

How I'm Couponing in 2015