Couponers are known to be a little “krazy,” but it isn’t benefiting anyone when we take the off-ramp towards crazy town. Yes, I know how easy it is to be obsessed about saving money, but there’s a line we should all draw. To keep myself sane and my couponing efforts balanced, I use these seven mottos:

1. I will avoid a sale.

I can go by CVS and Walgreens (my favorite stores) every day. Seriously, every day! Sometimes for the same deal, sometimes to follow up on empty shelves, and often to just lookie loo! It can get out of hand. So, I will purposefully take the day off from couponing and get some control back. Tell yourself, “I will intentionally avoid a sale if I am spending too much time couponing.” And mean it! Another option is to designate several days each week as “NO COUPONING” days.

2. I will take a different route.

I do this to avoid a store that will lure me in with screaming good deals. I know that sounds crazy, but I have a rationale—I can be slightly compulsive! Combine that with couponing, and I can get out of control pretty quickly. So, on days I want to shop, I turn left out of the parking lot at work; on days I’m going straight home, I turn right.

3. I will ask my partner.

I have a great husband! He helps me collect coupons and look for sales. He will call the paper lady and ask her for leftover coupons. He even brags when I score a great deal. So when my hobby heads towards obsession, I will ask him to go to the store and pick up specific items for me. Sometimes, he uses coupons in a way I never imagined.

4. I will be OK with non-couponers.

Look, everyone else probably won’t get excited about your deals. I’ve cut coupons for others, shared deals, bragged about deals, and offered to help friends/family learn how to coupon. I’ve heard the same excuses you have: no time, no money, frustrating, too much work. I tell myself, “Invest my time and energy in what I can do to help my family and set an example.” They’ll come around when they see your success!

5. I will check my stockpile.

Before I go shopping, I check my storage to see what I need, specifically. I counted my bottles of laundry detergent this morning because CVS was having a sale. I had 15 bottles, and my storage space was full. Question: Do I need detergent? Answer: NO! Obviously, I could donate to someone in need.

6. I will listen.

When my hubby asks, “You’re coming straight home today, aren’t you?” that is my clue that I have spent too much time couponing. Make sure time is spent on priorities. Another way to spend time with your partner is to update your coupon binder while watching the old television. It’s easy to follow a plot line and check for expiration dates.

7. I will not argue.

Don’t argue with the sales clerk. I promise, it isn’t worth it. I prefer gracious, versus argumentative. I have found that I’m not always right (gasp!). Yes, I have used an expired coupon (unintentionally, of course), and the machine has beeped. Yes, I have read the ad wrong and been corrected at checkout. I learned the hard way to be gracious and figure problems out when I leave the store. If I need to, I can return an item. I also remember that I will be going back in that store, and they will remember me if I am not nice!

This is a post by Tammy from St. Pauls, NC

Maintain Your Sanity with These 7 Couponing Mottos