Recent surveys show that the stereotype that portrays women as savvy savers and men as clueless shoppers is far from accurate. While we still know less about men who coupon than we do about women—we still know enough to say that men do use coupons and they do value saving money just as much as women do! Whether you’re a man who wants to learn more about couponing or you’re a woman with a male partner who seems interested in learning, this post is for you!

Male couponing statistics

These interesting statistics bust male couponing stereotypes wide open—thank goodness!

  • 89% of male survey respondents reported using email coupons.
  • 73% of men subscribe to email lists to get coupons.
  • 63% of men look for in-store deals.
  • 53% of men use coupons to cut costs.
  • 8 out of 10 men are members of frequent shopper clubs.
  • Up to 50% of men (depending on age) search for coupons and deals online.

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Frugal men and shopping

So how do men shop for groceries? These statistics hold the answers we seek!

  • 51% of men serve as the primary shopper for their household.
  • More than 50% of male grocery shoppers buy 10-20 items per shopping trip.
  • 64% of male grocery shoppers spend $50+ per shopping trip.
  • Up to three-quarters of men make a mental or digital grocery shopping list.
  • 31% of male grocery shoppers clipped coupons, looked for coupons in store circulars or downloaded digital coupons while shopping.
  • The average man spends an average of 24 minutes per grocery shopping trip.

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Taking down the male couponer stereotypes

Common male couponer stereotypes would have us believe that the only men who coupon are broke or “hen-pecked.” But statistics say otherwise—as do a host of newer couponing websites with titles like "Real Men Use Coupons."

The truth is, men who use coupons are more likely to be intelligent, highly educated, earning $75,000-$100,000+ per year, parents of young children and financially savvy.

8 Famous men with frugal habits

These famous men are also famously frugal—and why not? This is how the rich get richer—and stay that way.

  • Carmelo Anthony: The New York Knicks basketball star states he uses coupons to get the best deals.
  • Jay Leno: The celebrity late night host socks away everything he makes from his television work.
  • Tim Hasselbeck: The ESPN commentator and former linebacker is a big couponer, according to his wife, TV celebrity host Elisabeth.
  • Chuck Feeney: Founder of the Duty Free Shoppers Group and billionaire-turned-philanthropist, Feeney is a frugal shopper who has given away an estimated $6 billion to charity.
  • Rob Lowe: The easy-on-the-eyes actor saves up for special things, like family trips, but otherwise saves what he earns as a way of life.
  • Roy Hibbert: The Indiana Pacers basketball star uses coupons to eat out, buy electronics and redeem freebies from rewards credits (he also says teammate Jeff Foster does the same).
  • Paul McCartney: The former Beatle's daughter, Stella, calls her dad "very frugal," citing his requirement that she attend a state college to get lower tuition.
  • Peter Hermann: The "Law & Order" star and his co-star/wife live well below their means, putting most of their earnings away in savings for the future.

Jump start your couponing

Whether you’re learning for yourself or as part of a couple, these simple tips can jump start your couponing so you see the savings right away!

1. Download a couponing app.

The statistics show that for many men, couponing is all about going mobile. Whether you are hunting for coupon codes (for shopping online), in-store coupon savings or coupons you can load onto an electronic rewards card, these apps can help!

2. Coupon for wish-list electronics.

If you’ve ever browsed online or in the Sunday newspaper circulars for deals on electronics, you’re already a couponer at heart! Check out some of the cool electronics savings that have posted on the Krazy Coupon Lady's deals pages lately!

3. Join a frequent shopper club and start saving automatically!

Joining Kroger Plus, Randalls Rewards, Von's "Just for You," Target RedCard, Walgreens Balance Rewards, and others automatically qualifies you for in-store promotions and savings—and some give you discounts on fuel as well!

4. Sign up for coupons by email.

Whether you just like getting free ice cream on your birthday or you love saving when you go to the movies, getting coupons by email is like getting free money in your inbox! Check out some of your favorite brands online and see what kinds of coupon offers you can get when you join their email lists!

Real Men Use Coupons: The Statistics, Stereotypes and Where to Start