Ever get someone that spots your binder and says, “Oh, you’re one of those people?” Are you tired of the funny looks and “hoarder” comments? We’re here to help!

These are the facts: You cannot control what people think about couponing, stockpiling or having a coupon organizer. But we can each individually help turn the tide to show that krazy couponers are considerate men and women who love a good deal and work hard to save money. Find out how below!

1. Don’t contribute to the persona of being a shelf-clearer or hoarder.

  • Here at KCL, we know the best way to build your stockpile is slowly, often adding a handful of items a week. Take just what you need. If you are working towards donating, do so slowly. Learn about special ordering if you need a large quantity—this guarantees you get the number of products you want while not taking all the stock on the shelves.
  • Leave some coupon booklets, blinkies, peelies, and tear pad coupons for couponers after you. Remember, others want to cash in on the coupons and deals too!

2. Know your policies.

  • Always, always print off the coupon policy for every store you shop! Become very familiar with it, and carry the printout with you every time you shop. Information is power!

3. Be organized.

  • Sort out which coupons you’ll be using before you get to the checkout lane. Ask the cashier if they would like the coupons as you go or at the end.
  • If they want them at the end, don’t just hand over your stack all at once. Not only is this daunting to your cashier, this is where coupons can get stuck together or skipped over.
    • Instead, divvy them up in small groupings and tell the cashier what they’re for (“2 for the brown rice, 1 for the soup mix, 3 for the canned peaches”). This ensures all coupons get scanned and your cashier has less counting and sorting to do (which equals happier cashiers!).
  • Pick Another Checkout Lane, Honey! When you have a full cart and a lot of coupons, let others behind you know you’ll be slow. Nicely apologize and suggest they may want to try another lane.
  • If you’ll be doing several transactions, put one on the conveyor belt at a time. When someone gets behind you, let them go next and get behind them with your next transaction.

4. Play fair.


  • Don’t photocopy coupons, use expired coupons, or coupons on items for which they are not intended. Krazy couponers are honest and try to follow the letter of every coupon. We know that you can get great deals all the time by obeying the rules!
  • Reassure store personnel, who are skeptical about you getting things “for cheap or free,” that the manufacturer reimburses the store for every cent of the coupon’s value (plus a handling fee) when you use the coupons correctly. Coupons are as good as cash!

5. Be kind and smile.

  • Showing courtesy to cashiers and store employees is a great way to forge a good bond between couponers and the store. Smile, ask them how their day is going, and always thank them for their help at the end.
  • Keeping your cool under pressure is key. When you run into a problem with your cashier or a manager, kindly explain how you know the policy to be, and show them the policy printout. Never lose your temper or demand things go your way—you’ll lose the high ground.
    • If things don’t work out, simply walk out. If your store is not following a policy or you have a concern, call corporate when you’re calm and collected.
  • If another shopper says something demeaning regarding your couponing, let them know that you are just a normal (mom, college student, dad, etc.) trying to save money for your family/education. Ignorance is often the greatest divide, so explain things like special ordering, being informed, donating and building your stockpile slowly.


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