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Did you know that there are certain things you’ll want to stock up on in September 2020? It’s true! Every month of the year has its seasonal specials, and September is the best time for certain deals. I’ve got them right here.

Whether it’s seasonal produce, canned goods, snacks, gardening, or camping gear essentials, check out the details on getting these items at stock-up prices.

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1. Buy seasonal produce like apples cheap during September.

bagged gala apples

Apples are the seasonal produce you’ll want to stock up on in September. Of course, apples will go bad on their own, but you can make applesauce, freeze it, or can a few jars. They’re also a nice little back-to-school deal for lunches.

We see apple deals every year at this time, and we expect the same for September 2020. Last year, ALDI had three-pound bags of Gala apples for just $1.39, which is just enough to make a quart of applesauce for less than half Walmart’s price of Mussleman’s brand applesauce at $2.93.

TIP: Prepare and freeze apple pies for the holiday season. Just prep the pie as normal and freeze, then thaw and bake when needed.


2. Stock up on canned soup for the winter months.
A person holding a can of Campbell's Tomato soup

Soup is a cold-weather staple, and I love stocking up on it because it’s shelf-stable and lasts for a year on average. In September, stores know we’re gearing up for fall and cold weather food — like soup.

In 2019, CVS had Campbell’s condensed soup for $0.76 a can, Dollar General had Campbell’s for $0.88 a can, and Safeway had them for $0.57.

Make sure you watch out for soup coupons and rebates from apps like Ibotta.

When you see a price for soups under $0.50 per can, stock up for six months. If the price reaches less than $1 per can, stock up for three months.

Tip: Sign up with this Ibotta link to receive up to $20 in bonuses.


3. Pick up back-to-school snacks.

Two woman shopping for granola bars, hot cereal, and pop tarts.

Lunch box snacks are some of those back-to-school deals that are big in September. Look for things like peanut butter, jelly and jam, cereal, and granola bars.

Not only will you find tons of coupons and deals on rebate apps, but stores run great sales, too.

Last year, I picked up a 16-ounce jar of Kroger peanut butter for just $1, a 32-ounce jar of Smucker’s Jelly for $1.88 at Meijer, and a box of Kellogg’s Raisin Bran cereal for just $1.21 at Target.

Tip: Be sure to follow the KCL deals page to get the best deals.


4. Grab gardening supplies on clearance.

$1 clearance sign in front of a pallet of garden soil at Walmart

In September most stores are hard-core clearing out the season’s outdoor and gardening supplies to make room for fall seasonal items.

Keep your eyes open for gardening clearance up to 75% off items like adult and kid gardening tools, garden hoses, seed packets, potting soil, and pots at big-box stores like Target and Walmart.

This is also the time for Lowe’s summer clearance, which will offer huge savings on everything from backyard grilling to kids’ gardening tools.

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5. Buy camping gear in September and save.

A shopping cart filled with camping gear including a air mattress and sleeping bags.

Being outdoorsy can get expensive, so anytime I have a shot at discount camping gear, I take it.

In 2019, I scored a YETI Hopper Two Cooler for $174.99, regularly $249.99. I also found some great prices. For example, I saw a Naturehike two-person tent on Amazon for just $60, regularly $110 — a savings of 45%.

Shop early for Christmas or just plan for next camping season.

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6. Snag shampoo and conditioner for less than KCL stock-up prices.

Person holding a bottle of Suave shampoo in one hand and a bottle of Suave conditioner in the other.

September is the month to stock up on shampoo and conditioner. Last year, I bought Pantene for $0.47 at Rite Aid and Suave shampoo and conditioner for just $0.24 at Target. I also scored free Pert shampoo with coupons at Kroger. These prices sure beat the KCL stock-up price of $0.50.



7. Save on kids’ clothes with summer and back-to-school clearance.

Girls tshirts on display in store.

Kids’ clothes are a hot item to buy in September, because you can hit the tail end of summer clearance and back-to-school clearance.

Stores run great promotions on cooler-temperature basics, as well as sales on the outgoing season’s items. In 2019, Old Navy T-shirts for kids were as low as $3 a shirt, and basic jeans at The Children’s Place were only $8.

If you missed back-to-school deals in July and August, then now is a great time to take advantage of prices. Take a look at our Back-to-School page and we’ll help you get the best deals.


8. Watch for stock-up deals for razors and shaving gel.
A woman holding two coupons and two bic soleil razor packs.

Razors are at stock-up-price lows during the month of September.

Last year, I used coupons for brands like Schick, Bic, and Gillette with rebate apps to make $0.73 a package on Bic Soleil razors at Walmart.

Watch for razor coupons, and when deals like these hit, stock up for a full six months, heck — even a year if you have space!

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9. Stock up on canned tomato products.

Cans of Del Monte diced tomatoes on a store shelf with a $0.49 sale sign above them.

September is when we start seeing more deals on canned goods, and tomatoes are no exception.

Canned tomato products are shelf-stable and last up to a year or two when stored properly, so when the deals start rolling in, it’s time to stock up.

The KCL stock-up list notes it’s time to stock up for three months when Del Monte Diced Tomatoes go on sale for $0.49, regularly $0.99 each. Any time you can get cans of tomatoes for free, stock up for six months.


10. Save on grilling gear and meats in September.

A woman looking at a package of fresh meat while standing in front of fresh meat on store shelves.

Labor day is Monday, September 7, and it’s the last big grilling holiday of the year. Stores go all out trying to sell their hot dog, hamburger, and steak stuff. Now is the time to stock up on meat products and freeze them for future use.

In 2019, Kroger offered Oscar Mayer Beef Franks at $0.85 for a 16-ounce package. They also dropped the price of Oscar Mayer lunch meat to $1.99 for a 9-ounce package (regularly $2.79).

Note: You’ll need the Kroger app or at least a Kroger account to get most of their deals.

TIP: Check out the KCL Couponing at Kroger video to make your shopping experience easier.


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