Did you know that there are certain things you should stock up on in September 2019? It’s true. September is the best time of year for certain deals, and we’ve got them right here.


1. Apples

Apples are the seasonal produce you should be stocking up on in September. Of course, apples will go bad on their own, but you can can them and make applesauce! They’re also a nice little back-to-school deal for lunches.

We see apple deals every year at this time, and we expect the same for September 2019. Last year, Aldi had 3 lb bags of Gala apples for just $1.39!

TIP: You can also prepare and freeze apple pies for the holiday season as well! Just prep the pie as normal and freeze, then thaw and bake when needed.


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2. Canned soup

Soup is a cold-weather staple, and we love stocking up on it because it’s shelf-stable and lasts for a year on average. In September, stores know we’re gearing up for fall and cold weather food — like soup!

Last year CVS had Campbell’s condensed soup for $0.76 a can, Dollar General had Campbell’s for $0.88 a can and Safeway had them for $0.57!

Make sure you watch out for soup coupons and rebates from apps like ibotta.

When you see a price for soups under $0.50 per can, stock up for six months! If the price reaches less than $1 per can, stock up for three months.


3. Back-to-School Snacks

Lunch box snacks are some of those back-to-school deals that are big in September. Look for things like peanut butter, jelly and jam, cereal and granola bars.

Not only will you find tons of coupons and deals on rebate apps, but stores are running great sales, too!

Last year we saw 16 oz Kroger peanut butter for just $1.00, 32 oz Smucker’s Jelly for $1.88 at Meijer and 14.5 oz Kellogg’s Raisin Bran cereal for just $1.21 at Target. We expect similar deals in September 2019.

Follow our deals page and we’ll let you know which deals are best and how to get them.


4. Gardening supplies

In September most stores are hard-core clearancing out the season’s outdoor and gardening supplies to make room for fall seasonal items. We expect the same in September 2019!

Keep your eyes open for gardening clearance up to 75% off on items like adult and kids gardening tools, garden hoses, seed packets, potting soil and pots at big-box stores like Target and Walmart.

This is also the time for Lowe’s summer clearance, which will offer huge savings on everything from backyard grilling to kids gardening tools.


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5. Camping gear

Being outdoorsy can get expensive, so anytime I have a shot at discount camping gear, I take it. We expect September 2019 to look a lot like last year, where we were able to score some great discount camping gear for a fraction of the regular price.

For example, we saw a Naturehike 2-person tent on Amazon for just $60, regularly $110; a savings of 45%. We also saw similar deals on Klymit sleeping pads and hammocks.

There were also great prices on coolers and other discount camping gear. We scored a YETI Hopper Two Cooler for $174.99, regularly $249.99. Shop early for Christmas or just plan for next camping season!

Just make sure you read these camping hacks before you head out on your next trip!



6. Shampoo and conditioner

September is the month to stock up on shampoo and conditioner. Last year we saw Pantene for $0.47 at Rite Aid and Suave shampoo and conditioner for just $0.24 at Target! We were also able to use coupons to score FREE Pert shampoo Kroger. This beats the stock-up price of $0.50 for most brand-name hair products.


7. Kids’ clothes

And you thought back-to-school deals were long gone! Kids’ clothes are a hot item to buy in September, because you can hit the tail-end of summer clearance and back-to-school clearance.

Stores run great promotions on cooler-temperature basics, as well as sales on the outgoing season’s items. Last year we saw Old Navy t-shirts for kids as low as $3 a shirt, and basic jeans at The Children’s Place for only $8.00.

If you missed back-to-school deals in July and August, then now is a great time to take advantage of prices. Take a look at our Back-to-School page and we’ll help you get the best deals.


8. Razors and shave gel

Razors are at stock-up-price lows during the month of September.

Last year, we saw tons of coupons for brands like Schick, Bic, and Gillette that we were able to stack with crazy good sales.

We were even able to use rebate apps to make $0.73 a package on Bic Soleil razors at Walmart.

Watch for coupons, and when deals like these hit, stock up for a full six months, heck — even a year if you have space!

If you haven’t been using rebate apps, then you need to check out these totally legit apps that pay you for your receipts.


9. Canned tomato products

September is when we start seeing more deals on canned goods, and tomatoes are no exception.

Canned tomato products are shelf-stable and last up to a year or two when stored properly, so when the deals start rolling in, it’s time to stock up!

Muir Glen Organic Diced Tomatoes for $0.50, regularly $1.50 each. We waited for a sale and used a manufacturer coupon to get the price.

Muir Glen offers great manufacturer coupons and we expect them to roll in for September 2019, too.


10. Grilling gear and meats

Labor day is Monday, September 2, and it’s the last big grilling holiday of the year. Stores go all out trying to sell their hot dog, hamburger and steak stuff. Now is the time to stock up on meat products and freeze them for future use.

Last year we watched Kroger offer a deal for Oscar Meyer Beef Franks, making them just $0.85 for a 16 oz package. They also dropped the price of Oscar Meyer lunchmeat to $1.99 for a 9 oz package (regularly $2.79).

Note: You’ll need the Kroger app, or at least a Kroger account to get most of their deals. We made a video on couponing at Kroger, though, just to make life easier for you!


Here are some links to help you get the most out of September 2019:


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Top 10 Things to Stock Up On in September