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17 Stores & Restaurants That Accept Expired Coupons

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Can you use expired coupons? The answer is yes — well, sometimes. It depends on the store, type of coupon, and the cashier.

There are quite a few stores that are well known for either accepting old coupons or at least finding you a replacement. Just remember that it isn’t required for most of these places, so the trick is to be nice, and if you get a no, leave it at that.

Also, a good rule of thumb is that pretty much nowhere accepts expired manufacturer’s coupons. That’s because they can’t get reimbursed from the manufacturer if they do accept them. So focus on store coupons. Those are the ones issued directly by the retailer. They tend to have a bit more leniency.

If you have an expired store coupon, ask the cashier if they have any new coupons you can use instead. Or download The Krazy Coupon Lady app to get access to current coupons.


1. Can you use expired Kohl’s Cash?

A person holding Kohl's cash and a receipt

In general, Kohl’s won’t take coupons past their date (like their 20% off family pass), but some stores will accept expired Kohl’s Cash. It depends on the location, but it may be possible to use your Kohl’s Cash up to a few days after expiration. Unfortunately, more and more stores are starting to not allow it at all. Check with your local Kohl’s to see what their policy is.

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2. Does Bed Bath & Beyond take expired coupons?

A Bed Bath and Beyond coupon in front of a Kitchenaid

Bed Bath & Beyond is probably the most popularly known store to play ball with old coupons. Also, you can use coupons on sale and clearance items, like the “20% off one item” coupon. Their main rule for coupons is one per item, and you cannot reuse the same coupon.

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3. Will Michaels take coupons past their date?

A printed 40% off Michaels coupon held next to a 20% off coupon on the app.

In short … nope. Since new Michaels coupons come out so frequently, they won’t accept any past their date. But since new offers release every Sunday, you have plenty of chances for a new discount.


4. Does Bath & Body Works accept coupons if they’re expired?

A woman sitting in her car, smiling, holding up a Bath & Body Works coupon mailer with multiple coupons on it.

Bath & Body Works stores used to have a 3-day grace period that would allow you to use your coupons three days after the coupon’s valid date — and we loved this perk! Unfortunately, that ended in a directive from the corporate offices in early 2020. Some readers have had their stores accept them, so it never hurts to ask, but assume the flexibility is gone.

Just because this perk has ended doesn’t mean your savings have to. If you want all the hacks to save at Bath & Body Works, we have them!


5. Can you use old coupons at BuyBuy Baby?

a woman's hand holds a coupon for Bed Bath and Beyond in front of a computer monitor showing the website Buy Buy Baby.

In short, the answer is yes! BuyBuy Baby has never batted an eye at me using an expired coupon in all my years of shopping there — and I have three kids from 1 to 13, so I would say I’m an expert. Not only will they take their own expired store coupons, but they also accept Bed Bath & Beyond coupons, expired or not.

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6. Does CVS take expired coupons?

someone holding two $2 coupons and garnier makeup towelettes

Bad news … CVS doesn’t accept coupons past their date. They won’t take expired manufacturer coupons or even expired ExtraBucks. Don’t let your ExtraBucks expire — that’s like lighting cash on fire! Here’s how to become an expert at saving at CVS with ExtraBucks.


7. How long can you use coupons at Military Commissaries Overseas?

Person using scissors to cut newspaper coupon.

Commissaries outside of the United States will take manufacturer coupons up to six months past their expiration date.

If you live in the States, you can send your coupons to them through Troopons, which is a program that collects and sends coupons to military bases around the world.


8. Can you use expired coupons at Kroger?

A person holding up printed coupons in front of a checkout register.

Like many other stores, Kroger’s coupon policy states that coupons must be valid in order to use them. Fortunately for us, they have “Make It Right,” which gives cashiers a little bit of leeway to alter prices (within a few dollars or so). Your mileage may vary, but under this guarantee, they may be willing to accept an expired coupon. It’s worth a try, especially for the “dollar off” ones in their weekly ad.

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9. Does Petco take expired coupons?

someone holding a Petco coupon in front of a dog

While Petco’s policy states they don’t accept expired coupons, a lot of locations will still take them. They almost never accept expired manufacturer coupons but may accept store coupons like “$5 off a purchase of $25 or more.” This isn’t a given, but it’s definitely worth asking!

TIP: Some manufacturer coupons have a few days grace period, so it’s worth still trying to use them if they just expired.

10. Does PetSmart honor expired coupons?

someone holding Petsmart coupons in front of a dog

PetSmart has been known to accept their own dollar-off or percentage-off coupons up to six months expired. Just like other retailers that say their policy doesn’t allow it, take this with a grain of salt, but definitely ask.

They won’t accept expired manufacturer coupons, though.



11. What if my Lowe’s coupons are expired?

someone holding phone displaying a Lowe's coupon page

Lowe’s doesn’t have an official coupon policy on their website, but cashiers have honored coupons that are up to seven days past their expiration date, like the 10% off store coupon.


12. Does Staples take expired coupons?

staples receipt being pulled out of staples bag in car parked at staples

Staples‘ official coupon policy states that they won’t take expired coupons, but like many other stores, the associates may be willing to do it. Or they may reissue or reprint a coupon for customers.

Item coupons like “20% off any single kitchen appliance” can only be used on full-price items. If you have a coupon for a specific item and the product is already on clearance, regardless of the expiration date, you won’t be able to use that coupon.


13. Does Burger King accept expired coupons?

a hand holding cell phone with burger king app being held in front of fast food sitting on the table

Most Burger Kings are all about the customer. They often won’t even bother to look at the expiration date on your coupon.

If you’re in the drive-thru, mention your coupons, like the free Whopper sandwich with the purchase of a Whopper, as you’re ordering your food — don’t wait until you get to the window.


14. Does Chipotle take expired coupons?

A person's hands holding a burrito that is half wrapped in foil in front of a Chipotle takeout bag.

At Chipotle, some coupons, like the “buy one get one burrito” offer, will still register when the associate scans them even if they’re expired. Usually, they’ll work for up to a few days after their expiration date.

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15. Does Dick’s Sporting Goods honor expired coupons?

Someone holding a cell phone displaying a Dick's Sporting Goods coupon in front of a Dick's store front

Dick’s Sporting Goods often comes out with percentage coupons such as 20% off. If your coupon is expired, see if the cashier can accept it. Sometimes they’ll honor it or even offer you a valid coupon in its place.

Right before football season starts for my son, his league gives out a 20% off coupon that expires at the end of August. Our location lets us use that coupon value all the way through October!

We have all the details on the Dick’s Sporting Goods sale schedule too!


16. Will JCPenney apply coupons if they’re past their date?

Someone holding a coupon inside JCPenney

JCPenney’s official policy is to refuse coupons past their date. But cashiers are encouraged to offer customers who present an expired coupon a new one that isn’t expired. They most likely won’t do this for you if you don’t actually show them your expired coupon though, so it pays to have it with you and pull it out.


17. How about Joann Fabrics?

A JoAnn employee handing a coupon to a customer over the checkout counter

Expired coupons will not work for your online orders at Joann. This is the case with most online coupon codes. But if you’re in store, it’s worth asking the associate if they’ll accept your paper coupons.

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