Every year when the holidays start rolling around, I spend hours trying to find a great gift for my son’s teachers. It seems as though all of the fun, cute items that I find are either too expensive for my budget or completely impractical. I always try to find something that will put a smile on their face and be useful, all while trying to stay within a budget. If you tend to find yourself struggling to find that perfect present to show your child’s teacher your appreciation, here are nine unique gifts that will definitely make the grade:

1. Four Score and Seven Years Ago Mug

Abraham Lincoln is one of the most respected and well-loved presidents in our country’s history, so what teacher wouldn’t enjoy seeing this president emblazoned on their morning coffee cup? Priced at $10.50, this mug is also available in a travel plastic mug with a lid for $12. Perhaps consider adding a bag of coffee and a container of tea alongside this mug, for as Lincoln famously uttered, "If this is coffee, please bring me some tea, but if this is tea, please bring me some coffee."

2. Custom Teacher’s Planner

Teachers have a lot to keep track of, from field trips and assignments to after-school activities and lesson planning. Help your teacher organize it all with this convenient Teacher’s Planner. She can begin it in any month she chooses, and it includes note pages, contacts, a list of holidays, a pocket folder and a weekly prep work section. It can also be personalized to include your teacher’s name and comes in numerous designs and colors. The Custom Teacher Planner is priced at $15 for a 6-month planner.

3. You Shall Not Pass Stamp

If you’re looking for something a bit more amusing to give to your teacher this holiday season, check out this hilarious "You Shall Not Pass" Stamp. This self-inking stamp will make your teacher feel like Gandolf every time they use it! The You Shall Not Pass Stamp is priced at $15 and is available on Geeky Stamps.

4. Personalized Notepad

Teachers often leave notes for students or other teachers, so consider treating your teacher to a fabulous custom notepad. This little luxury is fun, personalized and something that they will surely get a lot of use out of. Shutterfly offers numerous notepads to choose from including this "Apple a Day" pad, priced at $14.99, featuring the iconic teacher’s apple. Add your teacher’s name or school and they’ll be dying to send home notes on their new pad!

5. Personalized Name Plate

Most teachers’ desks are scattered with random items such as paperclips, scissors and pens, but there is one item that should always be on a teacher’s desk—a name plate! Personalize this gift not only with your teacher’s name, but choose the font and color of your choice to really make it their own. Priced at $16 from Etsy Shop LimeTreeGifts, this whimsical name plate is sure to stand out even on the messiest of desks.

6. Desktop Prism

Another fun item to decorate a teacher’s dull desk is this cool Desktop Prism. This desktop prism interacts with light to create rainbows indoors and will not only brighten a bare workspace but can be used as a learning tool about refracting light, as well. The Desktop Prism is priced at $15.49 and is available on ThinkGeek.

7. Grammar Print

When I was a kid, most of my classrooms featured wall art such as Garfield carrying a stack of books, or simple graphs and charts. Treat your teacher to a slightly more stylish décor item to spruce up their classroom or home. The GrammaticalArt Shop on Etsy specializes in cute grammatical prints and posters such as the Your and You’re print. The Grammar Funny Print is priced at $18 and is available on Etsy.

8. Out of Print tote bag

Ask any teacher what their favorite novels are and you will often hear them rattle off classics such as Moby Dick, The Great Gatsby and Little Women. Out of Print offers products showcasing iconic and often out-of-print book covers on such items as tote bags, phone cases, notebooks and t-shirts. This Jane Eyre Tote Bag, priced at $18, features the cover from the Universal Library Edition and is made from a heavyweight cotton canvas. What makes this gift extra special is that Out of Print donates one book to a community in need with every purchase—and that alone is a gift that any teacher would appreciate!

9. Pi Pizza Cutter

If you’re looking for a gift that’s slightly more whimsical, the Pi Pizza Cutter is a great gift for a math teacher! Priced at $14.62 on Amazon, the Pi Pizza Cutter is a novelty item that’s actually practical—it features two blades to ensure a better cut than a regular pizza cutter. Want to go the extra mile? Try wrapping the Pi Pizza Cutter in Pi Gift Wrap to match!

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