My family and I love exploring museums over summer break. Bank of America's Museums on Us program is amazing. You’re able to get into over 150 museums, botanical gardens and science centers nationwide for free just for being a Bank of America customer! In fact, when my family and I went to the Seattle Art Museum last summer we didn't have to pay anything to get in—that's a 100% savings! Basically, if you’re a Bank of America account holder, you’d be crazy (and not with a K) to pass up this free opportunity.

When to attend

Bank of America cardholders (whether you have a debit or credit card) can get free admission to select museums during the first full weekend of every month. You can currently find participating museums and cultural organizations in 31 states.

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How to get in free

Just flash your Bank of America debit or credit card as well as a valid photo ID and you'll get free admission to all participating museums! Unfortunately, you can only use one debit or credit card per person. But this isn't a problem since my husband and I both have debit cards in our own names. Children are not included unless they have their own card. However, I don't find this to be an issue because children get in free or at a reduced rate at most museums anyway!

What to expect

Events during the "Museums on Us" weekends tend to be very crowded so be sure to arrive early! Another thing to remember: Your Bank of America debit or credit card only gets you into the museum or cultural institution; it may not give you access to ticketed shows or special exhibitions.


Get Into Museums for Free with Bank of America's Museums on Us