Hot weather is here and it’s time to head to the pool! Grab your sunscreen, towels, floaties, goggles, and toothpaste! Toothpaste? Yes, toothpaste!

Did you know that toothpaste will keep swim goggles from fogging up? As if keeping goggles in place over their eyes isn’t hard enough, the poor kids have to deal with them fogging up as well! Especially if you live in very humid climates, you’ll find that goggles are bound to get foggy and need constant wiping. Prevent this from happening by digging out the toothpaste next time you go to the pool and following these simple steps.

Here is what you need to do:

  • Place a small dab of toothpaste (the paste kind, not gel) on the inside of each lens.
  • Smear so it covers the entire lens. Let sit for a few seconds.
  • Wipe and rinse clean.

By doing this you will avoid foggy goggles and can worry about other things, like finding that annoying leak in the water wings!

DIY: Prevent Foggy Swim Goggles with this Easy Solution!